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What is Project Management?

Running a Successful Project

AppliTrack project management services may be purchased through the AppliTrack Store and will automatically notify a project manager to contact you. Different packages include set amounts of consulting and custom programming time. As you work with your AppliTrack Project Manager, they will record the hours used and you can monitor your balance using the Project Management tools.

Typically, the way project management works best is that we have two introductory calls with both teams. During the first one, you tell us what you're hoping to accomplish, what your current process is, and where any pain points are. Then, we present how we think we should implement your vision in AppliTrack. After the calls, if you are opting for an onsite visit, we will use that time get accustomed to your environment and confirm any questions we may have. From there we schedule weekly, or bi-weekly, two-hour calls to report status and check in with each other. We do this until the project is done, or the purchased hours have been used.

We follow a three-step process: load and clean up data, implement your workflows, automate your process. Each stage is important and affords benefits to you and your organization. And even if you don't fully "automate" your process in the project hours allotted, you'll still be able to put to good use the work done. Also, if you're feeling that you've "got it," and you don't need project managers anymore, you can utilize the unlimited technical support included in AppliTrack.

It's service from beginning to end, making sure you have everything you need in one solution.
Project management Services

Our 3-Step Approach

  • Load and clean up data
  • Implement your workflows
  • Automate your process

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