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Web-Based Hiring

It's time to relieve yourself of the stresses of promoting vacancies in order to find the right talent to suit your needs. Our Recruiting tool allows you to post vacancies to social media sites, and job boards, including the #1 K12 site, Cast a wider net in order to find the high-quality applicants you want. And once they have applied, utilize tools to manage the entire application process including interview management, tracking efforts, brief assessments to help filter your applicant pool, and so much more. It has one focus, on people, not process.

Key Features

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  • Allows unlimited customized pages for unlimited, and different, applicant groups
  • Use the Interview Manager function to set your time slots so selected applicants can self- schedule for interviews
  • Use advanced, time-saving search folder capabilities to constantly screen in (or out) the lists of those meeting specific criteria you choose
  • Applicants can import their basic data pages with a single click (contact info, references, education, work history, etc.)
  • Provides custom screen views for visually comparing applicant data, and simple point-click filtering
  • Lets you choose and create your own paperless e-forms, such as for evaluation documents, interview ratings or new-hire onboarding packets


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  • Reduce typing time and errors with clickable auto-filters for quick screening

  • Review the entire applicant's file (including uploaded resumes, references, transcripts, interview results, etc.) in one window

  • Generate powerful reports in seconds using real-time data

  • Automate the job requisition process for describing hiring administrator needs and preferences

  • Distribute electronic reference surveys

  • Access audit trails to track who views applicants, or compare screen-captured views each time an applicant updates

  • Create custom Internal Applications for transfer requests, or use our simple one-page eForm provided


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  • Design custom screening questionnaires and interview rating eForms, using our included question library, or your own content

  • Integrate AppliTrack Selection tools or scores from other 3rd party assessment instruments you currently employ

  • Ask vacancy specific questions

  • Sort and rank applicant lists by rating scores high-low, or reverse, with point-and-click ease

  • Create ad hoc score reports

  • Build custom pages with required responses or exercises for only specific position applicants to complete


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  • Activate our Job Fair Quick Form to capture applicant interest at your display and personalize an immediate application welcome

  • Advertise FREE without duplicating data entry on,, and more

  • Expand your recruiting presence with our quick links to export your vacancies to Facebook, Twitter, and more

  • Email new postings to anyone

  • Selectively notify current applicants of new vacancies

  • Track applicant interest in your jobs, applicants by recruitment event, referral sources, and more


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  • Export new hire personal data from AppliTrack into multiple popular HRIS/Payroll and substitute partner systems

  • Send hire recommendations through a chain of approvers, and notifications concurrently to multiple organization office contacts

  • Send and review eForms electronically including Job Offer Letters, District Policy Sign-Offs, Emergency Contact, using pre-built forms, or you can create your own

  • Create custom welcoming message templates for various new employee groups, with relevant pre-onboarding information

Interview Management

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  • Email interview invites directly to candidates, as well as to any employer representatives

  • Integrate interview scheduling with Outlook®

  • Maintain compliance with record retention acts and equitable screening practices by storing interview responses online


TeacherFit  |  TeacherFit SE  |  TeacherFit Urban  |  JobFit  |  AdminFit

A difficult aspect to any hiring process is figuring out how an applicant will fit with your organization. Well, we let some high level researchers take the guesswork out of the hiring process. The output was a set of research-based Selection tools designed to gauge your applicants' characteristics and compare them to known statistics of high performing employees. The assessments give you insight and further allow you to filter your applicants down to the ones that will enhance your organization and help it grow. It helps you find your zone.

Prescreening Tools

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So what do these assessments look like? We currently offer five assessments covering administration, support level, teaching, and special education. Each one is designed and tailored around specific characteristics needed to perform at a high level in certain job categories. We have TeacherFit, TeacherFit SE, TeacherFit Urban, JobFit, and AdminFit currently available. Download an overview of each tool for more information.

  • TeacherFit

  • TeacherFit SE

  • TeacherFit Urban

  • JobFit

  • AdminFit

Dive Deeper

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Use the Candidate Summary and Interview Reports to effectively position applicants who score favorably on the assessments. These easy to use reporting tools give you a visual glimpse at how well your applicants scored.

How Are Applicants Scored?

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According to our research, 90% of applicants that score a 7, 8, or 9 are rated effective performers once on the job.

Stanine Descriptions and Percentage of Scores in Each


HR Files

Paperless Employee Management

Our world has been moving at a rapid pace towards cloud-based file storage. It offers easy, on-the-go access to all that you need. HR Files is our version made specifically for the management of your employees in a paperless environment. Easily upload, organize, and associate all documentation to each and every one of your current, and soon to be employees. You've gone paperless, and you will never switch back.

Key Features

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  • Manage employee documents and forms in an automated, paperless manner
  • Design custom document workflows, to route items sequentially, or for concurrent notifications
  • eForms can replace current paper and PDF artifacts
  • Build and maintain your automated employee Demographic Database
  • Employee Self-Service Portal for reducing HR staff response time and increase protected data access
  • Flexible System and Document Permissions to customize district user security

For Employees

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AppliTrack HR Files gives your employees the power to monitor their personnel files. Employees will know which forms need to be submitted and which forms have already been filed. They will have the ability to receive updates on company policies and procedures.

  • Employee Portal
  • Update your phone number and address
  • Add your own picture
  • Wish your colleague a Happy Birthday
  • Review your personnel file
  • Access eforms specific to your job
  • Submit all paperwork online
  • Check the status of your forms anytime

For Employers

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AppliTrack HR Files allows the freedom to control all personnel files in an easy-to-use interface. This powerful tool is designed to create automatic workflows from HR to employee.

  • Distribute and collect all paperwork online
  • Quickly identify who has or has not submitted a form
  • Automatically route forms to the correct people (workflows)
  • Create your own forms with ease or allow us to help
  • Download forms from our Public eForms Library
  • Print copies of forms preformatted to have State and Federal form look and feel
  • Create real-time reports for all employees
  • Unlimited employee filters to easily find the specific group of people you need