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Openings as of 12/15/2019

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Openings as of 12/15/2019

  • Educational Construction, Maintenance and Facility Coordinator JobID: 1626
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      Facilities Department

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      To Be Determined

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      Open Until Filled

    45 Lyon Terrace Bridgeport, CT 06604
    Educational Construction, Maintenance and Facility Coordinator
    Salary Range: $75,000-$95,000
    The Educational School Construction, Maintenance and Facility Coordinator provides leadership and support for all issues and procedures involved with school construction, facilities, and maintenance.  Record keeping and understanding of requirements, regulations, and reporting procedures of all school construction, as well as best practices associated with facilities and maintenance in an educational environment is essential.
    Ensures district compliance that all City of Bridgeport, Office of Public Purchases, Office of Small Minority Businesses and Contract Compliance; rules and regulations are strictly followed.
    Complete State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services and Office of School Construction.  Grants; data and construction documents.
    Generate information and assist in formulating Facilities Department Budget.
    Manage and write State and Federal grants relating to school construction, maintenance, security and Facilities
    Identify and evaluate the purchase or rental of buildings/property for Board of Education use
    Direct and engage the community in the planning of school buildings, facilities and maintenance issues
    Evaluate work orders
    Direct the identification/removal of “PCB” and asbestos
    Assist in developing Capital Plan/Maintenance Plan/Facilities Master Plan
    Bring work assignments and project activities to successful completion within schedule and budget
    Ensure effective communication between school personnel, contractors, consultants, architects, City and State officials involved with maintenance and school construction projects.
    Ensure project records are in proper order for State auditor to close out projects.
    Comment and critique educational and construction plans for school construction and facilities projects.
    Represent the district in all matters related to school construction/facilities issues.
    Attend meetings related to school construction, facilities and maintenance issues.
    Develop and report activities related to facilities, school construction and maintenance to appropriate personnel
    Demonstrate knowledge of educational curriculum in relationship to school construction, facilities and maintenance
    Demonstrate delivery of construction projects and grants in a timely manner and within budget
    Responds to maintenance/custodial issues with appropriate solutions
    Plans, coordinates and supervises moving of school supplies and students from one building to another
    Anticipates problems/issues associated with school construction/maintenance and reach an equitable solution for all parties
    Provides a safe and secure environment for parents, staff and students
    Provides the district with leadership, information and documentation in matters related to school construction, facilities and maintenance
    Responds to all State and City of Bridgeport agencies regarding school construction
    Participates with BOE and City personnel on all construction, facilities and maintenance issues
    Manages State and Federal grants related to school building/security/energy conservation and facilities
    Have knowledge of Department of Public Rules and Regulations, Purchasing and Office of Small & Minority Businesses and Contract Compliance
    Evaluate community’s need related to school construction
    Knowledge of asbestos, pcb’s and environmental issues related to school buildings
    Ensure appropriate coordination occurs between school district personnel, City of Bridgeport for the design, planning, construction and relocation of district schools
    Manages the flow of information between all appropriate school district personnel and parties involved in design and construction
    Develop education specification with architects and contractors for school construction and renovation
    Serve as the primary focal point for the District and City in coordinating activities required during the design and completion of school construction
    Ensure all project records are in order for state auditors
    Develop transition plans for relocation of schools
    Ensures that the district complies with all State of CT, Department of Education rules/regulations/standards
    Knowledge of best practices for MEP systems/construction uses in school construction
    Manages and assists in supervising custodial and logistics staff
    Coordinates and supervises facilities Department functions
    Administers timely completion of Facilities projects
    Directs and reviews all school construction standards, education specifications, change orders, budgetary issues in conjunction with the Program Manager and Director of Public Facilities
    Assist in developing Capital Plans, Facilities Master Plans and Long-Range Maintenance Plans
    Assist school administrators with facility, construction and maintenance needs and issues
    Generate financial/custodial/facilities/construction reports
    Assist in managing Facilities Department budget and operations
    Shares district information regarding Facilities/construction/budget information, with various Boards of Education subcommittees
    Represents the district in all school construction matters
    Provides professional development training for trades and custodial staff
    Responds appropriately to State of CT, Department of Administrative Services related to construction issues
    Advises Board of Education personnel and City of Bridgeport offices on matters pertaining to available real estate, available buildings, policies, reimbursements, dealing with land acquisitions and school construction
    Ensures the district compliance with all policies/reporting reports from the State of CT, Office of School Construction grants
    Generate construction/facilities reports
    B.S. Degree in Education, 5 years successful teaching experience / demonstrated ability to start the grant process for school construction through State of CT approval, 10 years successful experience in managing school construction projects, management experience in School Facilities and Maintenance departments for a Board of Education.

    Knowledge of school related environmental rules and regulations pertaining to mold, asbestos, pcb’s etc.
    Demonstrated knowledge of State of CT Department of Administrative Services, record keeping and reporting procedures

    Demonstrated ability to successfully complete all State of CT, Department of Education, reports and reporting forms
    Demonstrated ability to write and manage State and Federal grants, related to construction and budgets
    Experience in creating Facilities Master Plans
    Demonstrated ability to evaluate buildings for appropriate school use
    Demonstrated knowledge of construction, architectural plans, drawings and bid documents
    Ability to organize and facilitate community input for school construction projects

    Demonstrated ability to work with City of Bridgeport and State of CT stake holders
    Demonstrated ability to work effectively with civic and City of Bridgeport personnel in planning and executing construction projects

    Excellent oral and written communication skills
    Excellent multi-tasking, organizational and recording keeping skills
    Ensure that all BOE personnel have significant input to all school construction and maintenance issues
    Knowledge of all State of CT legislation regarding school construction and appropriate grants
    Demonstrated administration of school construction, facilities and maintenance issues and projects
    Demonstrated an all-inclusive management style

    Application Deadline: Open Until Filled
    Qualified candidates who wish to apply should access the Bridgeport Public Schools on-line application web site:

    It is the policy of the Bridgeport Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, present or past mental disorder, mental retardation or learning disability, in any of its educational programs, activities or employment practices.  The Bridgeport Board of Education is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

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