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Openings as of 12/6/2019
Teacher On Special Assignment

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      Teacher On Special Assignment/Specialist

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      Administrative Office

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    2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR
    Bridgeport Public Schools
    45 Lyon Terrace, Room 310
    Bridgeport, CT  06604
    Specialized Instructional Transition Compliance Coach

    Reports To: Executive Director of Specialized Instruction


    Status: 10 month:  Teacher on Special Assignment



    The Special Education Transition Compliance Coach manages the compliance requirements for the special education department and oversees the transitional/vocational opportunities for transition age students at BPS.  By establishing and developing relationships with business members in the communities, the Special Education Transition Compliance Coach is responsible for training H.S. teachers establishing students’ readiness for employment, teaching prevocational skills and supervision of students while in placements and assess programmatic needs. The Transition Compliance Coordinator will facilitate the Special Education processes (inclusive of designated PPT meetings) at Central Office level for Public and Non-public educational institutions, and overseeing the writing and reporting on transitional progress in compliance with the CSDE, IEP, PPT Process, according to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and Transition Bill of Rights in collaboration with students and their families.    
    • To provide school-based support for the development, implementation, maintenance, and evaluation of specialized instructional support for transition age students identified as having special needs by providing support to Special Education Teachers.
    • Collaborates with Director of Specialized Instruction and building administration to increase school-level capacity to develop, implement, maintain, and evaluate specialized instructional services, in conformance with federal and state mandates and the Bill of Transitional Rights.
    • Collaborates with building administration on IEP/PPT policies and procedures
    • To increase student learning and achievement for all students identified as having special needs by supporting the integration of accommodations and modifications for students identified as having special needs into content areas of the curriculum and through enhanced instructional and transitional support and classroom embedded staff development.
    • Assists with the implementation of all policies and procedures related to BPS Special Education Transition programs for students ages 14 and above.
    • Oversees the Transition Curriculum implementations in both the classrooms and job sites ensuring alignment of functional academics with job skills (e.g. financial training, Life Skills, Resume building, Interviewing Practice, etc.)
    • Oversees BPS Transitional Programming by providing strategic post-secondary goal setting to include vocational opportunities in the local community and completion of all transitional requirements outlined by the CSDE and IDEA. 
    • Collaborates with the Transition Teacher and builds and maintains relations with community business organizations, Chamber of Commerce, etc. and attends meetings in order to expand transitional placement sites.
    • Serves as the liaison and coordinator of transition services, planning and transition assessments for all transition age students with Out of District Placements as well as oversees a structured process that ensures BPS students access to their Least Restrictive Environment. 
    • Facilitates the vertical articulation of pre-k through 12 for low incidence programming
    • Collaborates with Special Education Teachers and building administration to ensure appropriate implementation of the district’s policies and procedures for delivery of specialized instruction
    • Collaborates with the Director of Specialized Instructional Services and building administration on the identification of appropriate instructional resources, modifications and accommodations for students identified as having special needs at the school and district level.
    • Collaborates with Director of Specialized Instruction and building administration to increase school-level capacity to develop, implement, maintain, and evaluate specialized instructional services, in conformance with federal and state mandates.
    • Participates in pre-conferences at the school-level to assist in the planning and placement team process.
    • Attends PPT meetings as district representative at the request of the Director of Specialized Instruction
    • Prepares various written documents such as program proposals and analyses, correspondence and reports required by local, state and federal agencies, and financial proposals related to school-based allocation models and grants.
    • Provides school-level support for responding to CSDE compliance indicators, and maintaining data accordingly (i.e. evaluation timelines).
    • Teacher Evaluation: performs 1 Peer Observation for all non-tenured Special Education Teachers, as well as any Special Education Teacher who requires a structured support plan.
    • Performs an annual needs assessment which informs the design and implementation of a professional learning plan for special education teachers
    • Provides classroom support and assists classroom teachers to implement specialized instruction.
    • Conducts walk-throughs with the principal and others to assess needs and provide support
    • Demonstrates exemplary classroom specialized instructional practices and possesses a deep understanding of differentiated instruction by modeling best practices in specialized instruction and improving student achievement levels.
    • Provides timely feedback to instructional staff regarding specialized instruction, including group and individual debriefing sessions.
    • Collaborates with school staff, including building administrators, to assess the effectiveness of the school’s efforts to improve specialized instruction.
    • Provides assistance to the school’s instructional leadership team in developing a school improvement plan and an attendant professional development plan.
    • Plans, leads and participates in on-going, job-embedded blended professional development within the school, as part of a peer coaching process (e.g. staff meetings; study groups, demonstration lessons with pre- and post-discussion analysis; workshops; trainings; and seminars).
    • Participates with related service providers and collaborates with content area teachers in the ongoing implementation of the district’s policies and procedures for delivery of specialized instruction.
    • Meets with teacher teams to analyze and interpret data, utilizing this analysis to coordinate the full and effective implementation of specialized instruction.
    • Performs any other related duties as assigned by the Director of Specialized Instruction
    • Connecticut certification in Special Education (065, 165); master’s degree preferred
    • Transition Specialist Certificate a plus
    • Minimum of 2 years’ experience implementing transitional programming in school and community settings
    • A minimum of three years of highly successful classroom teaching experience in specialized instruction required, as demonstrated by student work/products that reflect standard-setting performances.
    • Demonstrated mastery of special education practices, strategies, standards and student portfolio assessments.
    • Knowledge of “teacher as coach” strategies (e.g., demonstration lessons, co-teaching lessons, communication skills) and coordination of visitation among colleagues.
    • Demonstrated knowledge in establishing an effective classroom environment, as well as organizing and managing the learning environment
    • Knowledge of services to students identified as having special needs
    • Demonstrated knowledge of current trends and research in the area of specialized services
    • Ability to keep and maintain accurate records and to meet deadlines
    • Strong oral and written communication skills.
    • Excellent record of attendance and punctuality.
    • Demonstrated ability to establish a cooperative working relationship with staff, principals, teachers and central office personnel.
    Salary will be in accordance with the BEA contract.  Qualified candidates who wish to apply should access the Bridgeport Public Schools web site “Human Resources/Jobs” or access the web site address:
    “It is the policy of the Bridgeport Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, present or past mental disorder, mental retardation or learning disability, in any of its educational programs, activities or employment practices.”
    “The Bridgeport Board of Education is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.”

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