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Participating Schools & School Districts

Batavia Local Schools, Best Point Education & Behavioral Health, Bethel-Tate Local Schools, Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy, Cincinnati Hebrew Day School, Clermont County Board of DD, Clermont County ESC, Clermont Northeastern Local Schools, Deer Park Community City Schools, Dohn Community High School, Felicity-Franklin Local Schools, Finneytown Local Schools, Forest Hills Local Schools, Franklin City Schools, Goshen Local Schools, Great Oaks Career Campuses, Hamilton County ESC, Hamilton County Math and Science Academy, Horizon Science Academy, Indian Hill Exempted Village Schools, International Academy of Cincinnati, Kings Local Schools, Lebanon City Schools, Little Miami Local Schools, Lockland Local Schools, Loveland City Schools, Madeira City Schools, Mariemont City Schools, Mason City Schools, Middletown City Schools, Milford Exempted Village Schools, Mt. Healthy City Schools, New Richmond Exempted Village Schools, North College Hill City Schools, Northwest Local Schools, Norwood City Schools, Oak Hills Local Schools, Performance Academies, Phoenix Community Learning Center, Princeton City Schools, Queen City Career Prep, Regeneration Bond Hill, Rockwern Academy, Schaefer Education, Southwest Local Schools, Springer School and Center, St. Bernard-Elmwood Place Schools, Summit Academies, Sycamore Community Schools, Three Rivers Local Schools, Warren County Career Center, West Clermont Local Schools, Wilmington City Schools, Winton Woods City Schools, Wyoming City Schools.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I know the school / district received my application?
When logged into your application, click the Home tab at top left.The home screen clearly indicates the vacancies to which you have submitted applications, and those to which you have not.Note: The system is real-time.When you submit your application, it is placed in the queue with all other applicants to the job posting.Do not deselect job vacancies on page 4 of the application unless you want to remove your application from that queue.There is no harm in ‘resubmitting’ your application when selecting other vacancies.
  1. Why don’t I have the option of uploading my resume & cover letter?
Resumes and cover letters are uploaded on the ‘Supplemental Materials’ page.School districts can customize each job posting, and some select that page, others don’t.If you don’t see the ‘Supplemental Materials’ page, you have not selected a job posting which requires it.
  1. How can I upload multiple cover letters?  // Should I write a new cover letter for each job?
The system allows multiple cover letters to be uploaded on the ‘Supplemental Materials’ page.However, it’s generally best to upload only one cover letter for each type of job, not one for each district.Because the system is real-time, you should NOT change you cover letter to address it to the most recent district to which you’ve applied.All districts will see the most recently uploaded file.
  1. What is the difference between a Vacancy Desired (p.4) and Position Desired (p.5)?
Vacancies (p.4) are active job postings for specific job openings, such as a Kindergarten teacher needed for the upcoming school year at a local school district.
Positions (p.5) are pools of applicants looking for employment in that area.Only select pools if you are qualified (or soon will be).All districts can see pool applicants and may reach out with job opportunities.Selecting multiple pools will lengthen the application.
  1. How do I import my application from another district or consortium?
After clicking the red apply button on a job posting, the option to import your application appears.Use your login credentials from your other account and follow the steps to import.
  1. How do I apply to internal postings?
Some districts use the internal posting feature to post jobs to internal candidates before making the postings visible to outside applicants.On page 3 of the application system, select the consortium member district at which you are employed.Scroll down and select the button indicating you wish to apply internally.Click to advance to the next page, where the internal postings will be visible.In order to view all postings within the consortium, return to page 3 and change your selection to apply internally to ‘No’.
  1. How can I get technical support?
See Need Help? below.

Need Help?

We're here to help! For questions regarding position qualifications or application procedures, please contact Ohio Teaching Jobs powered by The Greater Cincinnati School Application Consortium directly.

For technical questions regarding the Applicant Tracking system, please contact the Applicant Tracking help desk using the Request Technical Help link below.
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