Howard County Public School System - 2022-2023 Voluntary Transfer Request Form for Alternative Education Itinerant Teacher

2022-2023 Voluntary Transfer Request Form for Alternative Education Itinerant Teacher
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Howard County Public School System

2022-2023 Voluntary Transfer Form for Alternative Education Itinerant Teacher Position
Eligibility and Transfer Procedures
A voluntary transfer is defined as a voluntary request by an employee for a change in assignment to a different school(s). Staff on an action plan are not eligible for a voluntary transfer.

1.      Your request does not constitute a change in your current assignment as all assignment changes are based on the needs of the school system.

2.      Set aside enough time to complete the form in one sitting as partially completed forms cannot be saved in the system. For the optional long response questions, we suggest typing responses into Microsoft Word or Google Docs and cut and paste the answers into the form.

3.      If you are currently in a split position and have more than one location, please list all schools.

4.      Digitally sign the form and submit the form to your principal by utilizing the drop down menu.

5.      After your principal digitally signs the voluntary transfer request form, you will receive email confirmation from Applicant Tracking of your transfer request along with a link to the form that you can print for your records.

6.      If an applicant for transfer accepts a voluntary transfer prior to August 1, 2022, they may not rescind the transfer request. Transfer requests may only be rescinded prior to accepting a voluntary transfer.

7.      You have until August 1, 2022, to withdraw your transfer request. The acceptance/denial must be made within one (1) business day of the written email transfer offer from the principal. If you decline the transfer offer, or fail to respond within one (1) business day after the offer, your name will be removed from that school’s transfer list for that school year.

8.      If you wish to rescind your transfer request, you must notify (via email) Melodee Phillips in the Office of Human Resources at by August 1, 2022.

Deadline for Submission: 
In order to be considered for a transfer for the upcoming school year, forms must be received by the Office of Human Resources, using the electronic form only, by July 13, 2022. Requests received after July 13, 2022 will not be processed.

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