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Openings as of 10/28/2020

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Openings as of 10/28/2020

  • Intervention Specialist/Instructional Tutor JobID: 176
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      District Office

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    Summary of the Job
    Once hired the district will provide round trip airfare from the closest regional or international airport to Anchorage, where tutors will be met by district representatives for an induction and assistance with shopping and shipping (Induction in person or virtually TBD with considerations regarding COVID-19 risk). From Anchorage, the district will fly the tutors to their assigned school site for the majority of the spring semester. District housing will be provided with the only expense to the tutors being their food and supplies. No pets allowed while joining LPSD as a tutor. Tutors will be placed on the salary scale under “Aide IV”  roughly $21/hour. 

    Once at the school site, tutors will meet with administrators and staff to review current interventions, MAPS data, diagnostic testing results, PEAKS data, and any other available information related to individual students and from the information formulate a school-wide plan to address the needs of each student. Tutors will be available before school, after school, and during school hours to work with students according to the school plan. Tutors will work a 37.5 hour work-week. 


    During the period of employment, tutors will participate in professional development provided by LPSD – essentially an extension of a teaching practicum in an inservice setting. During their tenure with the district, tutors will be supervised by the school principal or another district administrator with a Type B certificate. The administrator will use the same instrument completed by the tutor as a self-assessment, as a performance evaluation. The observation and evaluation process will result in formal, written feedback that the tutor can use as a reference when applying for work. It will also help LPSD select and offer permanent employment to the best-fit candidate(s).


    Reports To: Program Director / Principal + Head Teacher


    Required Education/Experience: College degree in education. Alaska Certification and classroom experience a definite plus.


    Necessary Skills:  Must be able to travel well.  Must be self-sufficient.  Must be adventurous and open-minded. 


    Essential Functions:  Traveling. Working with high-need students one on one or in small groups. Staying flexible and working out a schedule that is best for students and staff. 


    Additional Functions: Professional Development will be ongoing and required.


    Villages w/ Tutor Openings: TBD

    Job Duration: Tentatively January 7, 2021 through April 9, 2021

Postings current as of 10/28/2020 6:16:59 PM CST.

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