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Openings as of 1/23/2019

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Openings as of 1/23/2019
Central Administration

  • Executive Director of Operations JobID: 1401
  • Position Type:
      Central Administration

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      Until filled

    Job Title:          Executive Director of Operations          Wage/Hour Status:  Exempt
    Reports To:      Superintendent                                      Pay Grade/Days:     Admin. PG7/ 226
    Dept./School:    Facilities/Maintenance                           Date Revised:            January 2019
    Fund Code:       199

    Primary Purpose:      
    Provides oversight for all aspects of the Marshall Independent School District to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in all district functions.  The Executive Director of Operations oversees, supervises and directs maintenance/warehouse, grounds, technology, transportation, and child nutrition for the district.
    Bachelor’s degree required

    Special Knowledge/Skills:
    Knowledge of basic principles of construction, school plant maintenance, transportation, and child nutrition
    Ability to manage budget and personnel
    Ability to coordinate district function
    Ability to interpret policy, procedures, and data
    Ability to read blueprints and schematics
    Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
    At least five years of administrative experience preferred
    Major Responsibilities and Duties:
    • Supervise and evaluate performance of the maintenance/warehouse department, grounds, technology director, transportation director, and child nutrition director.
    • Direct and manage maintenance/warehouse, grounds, technology, transportation, and child nutrition operations of the District.
    • Manage the District energy conservation plan.
    • Oversee work orders for repair and maintenance of buildings and grounds.
    • Develop and maintain written departmental procedures for maintenance, repair, operations, of all district buildings and equipment.
    • Prepare plans and specifications for contracted repair work and site improvement for submission to purchasing department for bids.
    • Implement federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and local board policy in maintenance area.
    • Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents required in maintenance area.
    • Prepare data necessary to process maintenance payroll.
    • Develop and maintain preventative maintenance plan.
    • Develop and maintain a deferred maintenance plan
    • Administer maintenance/warehouse, grounds, technology, transportation, and child nutrition budget and ensure that programs are cost-effective and funds are managed prudently.
    • Compile budgets and cost estimates based on documented program needs.
    • Plan and direct inventory and stock control program for equipment and supplies.
    • Initiate purchase orders and bids in accordance with budgetary limitations and district policies.
    • Replace and maintain a current inventory of supplies and parts to avoid delay when reordering.
    • Approve and forward invoices and purchase orders for the maintenance/warehouse, grounds, technology, transportation, and child nutrition department to business office.
    • Recommend disposal of obsolete equipment and purchase replacement equipment when necessary.
    • Manage utility budget.
    • Develop programs to continue conservation goals regarding all utilities.
    • Manage ongoing conservation programs while improving district and community participation.
    • Develop and insure compliance of site visits with maintenance to insure that all facilities are being maintained to district standards and industry standards.
    • Assign work to maintenance/warehouse personnel and oversee completion.
    • Prepare, review, and revise job descriptions in maintenance department.
    • Evaluate job performance of employees to ensure effectiveness.
    • Recruit, train, and supervise maintenance personnel and make sound recommendations about personnel placement, transfer, retention, and dismissal.
    • Maintain safety standards in conformance with federal, state, and insurance regulations and develop a program of preventive safety.
    • Ensure that equipment is maintained in operating and optimum condition.
    • Perform disaster duty when needed.
    • Attend professional growth activities to keep abreast of innovative techniques in maintenance operations.
    • Respond to after hour’s emergencies as needed.
    • Ensure confidentiality regarding all personnel matters.
    • Complies with district policies, as well as state and federal laws and regulations.
    • Adhere to the district’s safety policies and procedures.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    Supervisory Responsibilities:
    Supervise and evaluate performance of the maintenance/warehouse department, grounds, technology director, transportation director, and child nutrition director.
    Working Conditions:
    Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
    Maintain emotional control under stress, work with frequent interruptions.  Tight timeline pressures; hectic pace; working on several projects at once; working with diverse population.  Constant contact by phone and in person with the public and school district employees.  Continuous sitting, standing, bending, stooping and wrist flex extension.  Administrative office environment.  Occasional overtime required.

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