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Openings as of 9/19/2019
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      Central Office/CLERK - HR ERC LEAD

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      Central Office

    Job Title: Clerk – HR ERC Lead Revision Date: December 15, 2017
    Job Code: 80196 FLSA: Exempt
    Salary Plan: Support Revised By: Lisa Few
    Pay Grade: SCH010 Comp Reviewed By: Craig S. Ott
    Funding Source:
    Work Location:
    (1) Primarily works at Bransford Office Campus
    Duration; # of months
    12 months
    Job Summary (2-3 sentences describing job purpose):  Performs routine administrative tasks in support of the HR ERC Operations Manager. Acts in a lead capacity assuring HR Information Assistants follow processes and procedures that result in high data quality and integrity. Runs reports to audit data; works with individual HR Information Assistants to resolve incorrect data; and trains Information Assistants on new processes/procedures.  Acts as an administrator of the Filebound and Applitrack Software.
    Reports to: Manager  - HR ERC Operations      
    Department Name: Human Resources and Organization Development
    Primary Job Duties/ResponsibilitiesList, in the order of importance or time spent, the essential duties/tasks performed by the position.  This is not an exhaustive list and employees may be assigned additional duties by management as required.  
    Job Duty/Resp. 1: Serves as administrator for both the applicant tracking system and workflow software.
    Job Duty/Resp. 2: Works with manager to plan workflow and accomplish scheduled tasks and goals.
    Job Duty/Resp. 3: Provides ongoing training to HR Information Assistants to ensure data consistency and integrity in the computer processing system.
    Job Duty/Resp. 4: Performs routine and in-depth audits to insure highest data quality and to identify areas for retraining HR Information Assistants.
    Job Duty/Resp. 5: Generates standard reports for Human Resources or managing personnel.
    Job Duty/Resp. 6: Keeps abreast of EBS and workflow software changes and features to generate reports and solve problems using the EBS field's concepts, practices and procedures.
    Job Duty/Resp. 7: Inputs data into a computer processing system and reviews output for accuracy.
    Job Duty/Resp. 8: May lead and direct the work of others within ERC operations.

    Instructions: Fill in all blanks and dropdowns.  Kronos access questions must be completed for payroll. 
    Education and Experience Requirements
    Education (training/degree): Required minimum: High school diploma or GED required.   Preferred: Bachelors
    Experience Requirements Must possess knowledge of Applicant Tracking and Electronic Workflow processes. Must possess knowledge of HR systems and functions.
    Licenses, Certifications or Registrations Required: none
    Skills Required: More specific degree, certification, and experience requirements will be included in the position announcement as vacancies occur.
    General Skills, Responsibilities, Requirements, and Impacts

    Data Responsibility:
    Level 5: Coordinates or determines time, place, or sequence of operations or activities based on analysis of data and possibly executes determinations or reports on events.
    People Responsibility:
    Level 4: Mentors others by advising, counseling, or guiding them regarding problems that may be resolved by scientific or other professional principles.
    Assets Responsibility:
    Level 2: Requires some responsibility for achieving minor economies and/or preventing minor losses through the handling of or accounting for materials, supplies, or small amounts of money.
    Mathematical Requirements:
    Level 2: Uses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; may compute ratios, rates, and percentages.
    Communications Requirements:
    Level 6: Reads journals and manuals; composes specialized reports/analysis; speaks to large groups of coworkers and people outside the organization.
    Complexity of Work:
    Level 6: Performs work involving the application of logical principles and thinking to solve practical problems w/n or applying to a division w/n the org.; requires continuous, close attention for accurate results and frequent exposure to unusual pressure.
    Impact of Decisions:
    Level 3: Makes decisions with moderate impact - affects those in work unit.
    Equipment Usage (if applicable):
    Level 1: Handles machines, tools, equipment, or work aids involving little or no latitude for judgment regarding attainment of standard or in selecting appropriate items.
    Safety of Others:
    Level 1: Requires no responsibility for the safety and health of others.
    ADA Requirements/Compliance

    Physical Demands:
    Level 1: Requires sedentary work involving sitting almost all of the time, and little or no physical effort or dexterity.
    Additional requirements: Click here to enter text.
    Unavoidable Hazards:
    Level 1: The position is exposed to no unusual environmental hazards
    Sensory Requirements:
    Level 1: The position requires normal visual acuity and field of vision, hearing, and speaking.
    Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  ADA requires MNPS to provide adequate accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities.  Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with management.

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