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Openings as of 9/15/2019
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      Central Office/COACH - DISTRICT LEAD STEAM

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      Central Office

    Job Summary (2-3 sentences describing job purpose):  At the direction of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the District Lead Science/STEAM Coach builds teacher and school personnel capacity in content specific knowledge facilitating and leading district initiatives. In collaboration with the Curriculum and Instruction Department, the District Lead Science/STEAM Coach supports the goals and mission of the Curriculum Department to increase student learning in the area of mathematics.  Approximately 80% of time will be spent in schools.
    Reports to: The Director of STEM and Department of Curriculum and Instruction           
    Department Name: Curriculum and Instruction
    Job Duty/Resp. 1: Curriculum Development and Implementation
    Assists in the development of scope and sequence documents and high quality instructional units; oversees textbook adoption committees and reviews and provides feedback on supplemental resources; develop procedures for teachers to implement curriculum, train teachers and other instructional staff in new content or programs; works with arts department to integrated the arts into STEM through written and taught curriculum.
    Job Duty/Resp. 2: Professional Learning Leadership
    Provides leadership to develop a culture that fosters professional learning communities by recognizing all teachers and administrators as learners capable of acquiring a repertoire of skills to meet the needs of every student; creates professional learning opportunities related to generating evidence of student learning; promotes data driven instruction, instructional planning, differentiated instruction, and acquisition of instructional best practices; conducts school visits and participates in school walkthroughs, collaborative team planning, and reflective practices; demonstrates high expectations and models effective instructional strategies for continuous student improvement; assists administrators, teachers, and coaches with analysis of formal and informal assessments; collaborates with and supports building administrators for the purpose of improving instructional practices; communicates and supports implementation of system-wide initiatives; supports school-based professional development, and assists in providing monitoring, support, and feedback to ensures successful implementation and delivery of curricula; observes the work of school-based coaches or other instructional support staff to strengthen practice and to recommend improvements that could strengthen skills.
    Job Duty/Resp. 3: Data Analysis
    Analyze district and school level student assessment data to look for trends, then formulate instructional strategies to meet student needs; obtain and use student achievement data to examine and evaluate curriculum and instructional program; develop protocols and procedures for school level and teacher level data analysis and data chats.
    Job Duty/Resp. 4: Communication
    Articulates district initiatives and instructional programming for all teachers, building and district administrators, and community stakeholders; engages in vertical articulation of K-12 curriculum with administrators and department leaders; all communication and feedback to stakeholders will be timely and constructive.
    Job Duty/Resp. 5: Professional Growth
    Continues professional growth and strengthens professional knowledge, skills, and strategies; participates in professional development opportunities and coordinates and facilitates district-level professional development offerings; attends and participates in all required meetings; maintains a collection of professional materials related to effective instruction and reflect current research.

    Education and Experience Requirements
    Education (training/degree): Required minimum: Master's degree in education or specific subject, curriculum development or related field.
    1. Strong background in content-specific knowledge.
    2. Successful experience in facilitating adult learning.
    3. Master's degree from an accredited institution in education or content related field
    4. Successful K-12 classroom teaching experience.
    • Successful experience as a mentor and/or coach.
    • Successful experience as a classroom teacher.

    Experience Requirements: Required: Minimum: Five (5) years successful teaching experience; at least three in MNPS (desirable). Meets highly effective rating (4 or 5) on the most recent evaluation. Experience in presenting and modeling exemplary teaching practices to adult learners in a variety of setting such as workshops, seminars and college courses. Evidence of instructional leadership (e.g., team leader, resource teacher, department chair, system-wide committees, etc.) 
    Additional Requirements:
    • Demonstrates appropriate use of tools, especially instructional technology, to enhance and extend instruction; maintains proficiency in instructional technologies.
    • Submission of three letters of reference from current principal, colleague, and teacher the candidate supported that speak to the candidate’s skills, knowledge and expertise as well as human relations and interpersonal skills.
    • Mandatory attendance required at summer MNPS training.
    Licenses, Certifications or Registrations Required: Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations refers to professional, state, or federal licenses, certifications, or registrations required to enter the position.
    The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.
    • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Relates and interacts positively with teachers, other staff, students, administrators, central office personnel, parents, and the general public;
    • Communicates effectively in written and oral form; possesses excellent public speaking abilities;
    • Demonstrated proficiency in a teacher leadership role (i.e., departmental/grade level chairperson, school leadership team member, etc.); Evidence of effective leadership skills;
    • Demonstrated competency in adult learning theory and developing and leading professional learning opportunities for instructional staff and parents.

    Data Responsibility:
    Level 6: Synthesizes or integrates analysis of data or information to discover facts or develop knowledge or interpretations; modifies policies, procedures, or methodologies based on findings.
    People Responsibility:
    Level 4: Mentors others by advising, counseling, or guiding them regarding problems that may be resolved by scientific or other professional principles.
    Assets Responsibility:
    Level 8: Requires responsibility and opportunity for achieving widespread economies and/or preventing losses through the development and administration of organization-wide programs and policies that impact major departments.
    Mathematical Requirements:
    Level 2: Uses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; may compute ratios, rates, and percentages.
    Communications Requirements:
    Level 5: Reads professional publications; composes complex reports and manuals; speaks formally to small groups within and outside the organization.
    Complexity of Work:
    Level 5: Performs coordinating work involving guidelines and rules with constant problem solving; requires continuous, close attention for accurate results or frequent exposure to unusual pressure.
    Impact of Decisions:
    Level 4: Makes decisions with moderately serious impact - affects work unit and may affect other units or citizens.
    Equipment Usage (if applicable):
    Safety of Others:
    Level 3: Requires responsibility for the safety and health of others and for occasional enforcement of the laws and standards of public health and safety.
    ADA Requirements/Compliance
    Physical Demands:
    Level 3: Requires light work involving standing or walking some of the time, exerting up to 20 pounds of force on a regular basis, and moderate dexterity in operating machinery, tools, or office equipment.
    Unavoidable Hazards:
    Level 1: The position is exposed to no unusual environmental hazards
    Sensory Requirements:
    Level 2: The position requires normal visual acuity and field of vision, hearing, speaking, color perception, sense of smell, depth perception, and texture perception.
    Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  ADA requires MNPS to provide adequate accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities.  Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with management.

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