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Openings as of 9/17/2019
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    Job Title: SPECIALIST – TRAUMA INFORMED Revision Date: August 1, 2018
    Job Code: 87044 FLSA: Exempt
    Salary Plan: Support Revised By: Mary Crnobori
    Pay Grade: SCH009 Comp Reviewed By: Cheryl Winters
    Funding Source:
    Work Location:
    (2) Department funded and working in schools & other locations
    Duration; # of months
    11 months
    Job Summary (2-3 sentences describing job purpose):  Performs work involving trauma symptoms identification and on-site training, consultation, and support for schools who receive Handle With Care notifications; and assisting with collaborative referrals or direct support for students with a history of trauma and school-related issues. The Trauma Informed Specialist works closely with outside agencies, school staff, families, and students to develop an appropriate support plan designed to provide a school and whole environment that mitigates the impacts of adversity and toxic stress, moves the student toward success, and monitor the course of student support.
    Reports to: Trauma-Informed Schools Coordinator       
    Department Name: Social and Emotional Learning
    Primary Job Duties/ResponsibilitiesList, in the order of importance or time spent, the essential duties/tasks performed by the position.  This is not an exhaustive list and employees may be assigned additional duties by management as required.  
    Job Duty/Resp. 1: Provide electronic and individualized, on-site consultation, coaching, and technical support to school staff who receive Handle With Care notifications.
    Job Duty/Resp. 2: Develop support plans and assist with referral process in collaboration with school staff, students, and families.
    Job Duty/Resp. 3: Conduct informal assessments of student, family, and school needs using structured interview procedures.
    Job Duty/Resp. 4: Track and analyze project output and outcome data.
    Job Duty/Resp. 5: Provide, support, and monitor implementation of individual student plans as needed, including trauma-infromed crisis intervention.  
    Job Duty/Resp. 6: Provide evidence-based professional development to school staff and related stakeholders about Handle With Care, and the potential impacts of ACEs on lifelong health and wellness and school success and trauma-informed school culture and practices.
    Job Duty/Resp. 7: Meet with groups of students, families, or school staff as needed to provide support designed to mitigate adversity and support wellness and school success.


    Education and Experience Requirements
    Education (training/degree): Required minimum: Master’s degree in Social Work, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, Special Education or related program required.
    Experience Requirements: Minimum of three years related experience.
    Licenses, Certifications or Registrations Required: Licensure as a Clinical Social Worker, Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, or Clinical Psychologist is preferred. Teaching experience and certification as a Trauma Treatment Therapist is a plus.
    Skills Required: The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. •Strong written and interpersonal consulting skills. Relates and interacts positively with teachers, other administrators, students and families, central office personnel, parents, and the general public; •Communicates effectively in written and oral form; •Possesses excellent public speaking abilities; •Demonstrated proficiency in a coaching or consulting role; Evidence of effective leadership skills; •Demonstrated competency in developing and leading professional learning opportunities for instructional staff and parents.• Excellent knowledge of common educational and behavioral health diagnoses related to trauma and evidence-based treatments for related needs. •Ability to work effectively in a team. •Ability to exercise balanced judgment. 
    General Skills, Responsibilities, Requirements, and Impacts

    Data Responsibility:
    Level 4: Compiles, examines, or evaluates data or information and possibly recommends action based on results.
    People Responsibility:
    Level 4: Mentors others by advising, counseling, or guiding them regarding problems that may be resolved by scientific or other professional principles.
    Assets Responsibility:
    Level 1: Requires minimum responsibility for only small quantities of low cost items or supplies where opportunities for achieving economies or preventing loss are negligible.
    Mathematical Requirements:
    Level 2: Uses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; may compute ratios, rates, and percentages.
    Communications Requirements:
    Level 3: Negotiates or exchanges ideas, information, and opinions with others to formulate policies and programs, or arrive jointly at decisions, conclusions, or solutions.
    Complexity of Work:
    Level 5: Performs coordinating work involving guidelines and rules with constant problem solving; requires continuous, close attention for accurate results or frequent exposure to unusual pressure.
    Impact of Decisions:
    Level 4: Makes decisions with moderately serious impact - affects work unit and may affect other units or citizens.
    Equipment Usage (if applicable):
    Level 1: Handles machines, tools, equipment, or work aids involving little or no latitude for judgment regarding attainment of standard or in selecting appropriate items.
    Safety of Others:
    Level 3: Requires responsibility for the safety and health of others and for occasional enforcement of the laws and standards of public health and safety.
    ADA Requirements/Compliance

    Physical Demands:
    Level 3: Requires light work involving standing or walking some of the time, exerting up to 20 pounds of force on a regular basis, and moderate dexterity in operating machinery, tools, or office equipment.
    Additional requirements: Click here to enter text.
    Unavoidable Hazards:
    Level 1: The position is exposed to no unusual environmental hazards
    Sensory Requirements:
    Level 1: The position requires normal visual acuity and field of vision, hearing, and speaking.
    Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  ADA requires MNPS to provide adequate accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities.  Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with management.

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