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Openings as of 6/3/2020

  • Glenview Center Program Director JobID: 3676
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      Glenview School

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    Title:  GLENVIEW CENTER PROGRAM DIRECTOR                                 File  109
    Reports to:           Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee
    Job Objectives:   
    Administers the Glenview Center Program and serves as site administrator for all satellite programming as well as our Early Childhood Education classes offered on-site at Glenview.

    Salary Range:  $67,500.00 - $74,320.00 
    Contract:  260 days 

    Preferred Qualifications:   
    Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or Equivalent.
    Experience leading the evaluation process with Step Up To Quality.
    Proven successful experience running, managing, and leading a preschool.
    Administrative experience. 
    Minimum Qualifications:       
    Valid Ohio administrative license or certificate appropriate for the assignment.
    Meets all legally mandated health requirements.
    Provides documented evidence of a clear criminal record as required by law.
    Knowledge of state school-age childcare guidelines.
    Essential Job Functions:       
    The following duties are representative of performance expectations.  A reasonable accommodation will be made to enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform essential functions.
     1.      Directs the effective delivery and continuous improvement of pre-school, day-care, preschool special education and latchkey program services. 
    Plans for a variety of activities that encourage student participation in social, recreational, and educational activities.  
    2.      Participates as an active member of the district’s management team.
    3.      Helps develop and implement the district’s strategic and continuous improvement plans.
    4.      Follows board policies/administrative procedures and supports the district mission statement.                           
    5.      Upholds the district and building student codes of conduct.  Helps staff with discipline and program management issues.  
    6.      Assists with the development of the program schedule to ensure workloads/assignments are reasonable and fai
    7.      Enforces applicable Ohio Revised Codes. 
    8.      Keeps current with state standards/guidelines.  Supports a full range of program options.
    9.      Develops, recommends, and administers an annual budget.  Requisitions supplies and equipment. 
    10.    Participates in staff selection and orientation processes. 
    11.    Provides leadership in the planning and delivery of staff development programs. 
    12.    Maintains/submits records, correspondence, and reports in a timely manner.
    13.    Communicates and consults with administrators, staff, parents, and students.
    14.    Reports evidence of suspected child abuse as required by law.
    15.    Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information.
    16.    Fosters a safe and secure work and learning environment.
    17.    Serves as a resource person to staff, students and parents.
    18.    Under the direction of the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent: directs, supervises, and evaluates staff as authorized by board policy, administrative regulations, and contractual agreements.
    19.    Represents the program at meetings inside/outside the district. 
    20.    Fosters partnerships and/or opportunities that enhance district programs and services.
    21.    Remains current by participating in professional growth opportunities that reflect the current educational trends and standards of state and national organizations.
    22.    In collaboration with the Assistant Superintendent, manages the day to day operation of preschool special education classes located at the Glenview Center.  This includes supervision and assistance with compliance.
    23.    Flexibility in mindset as this position will evolve over time.        
    24.    Performs other job-related duties as required.
    Working Conditions:
    The following situations are examples of possible working conditions that may range from remote to frequent based on circumstances and factors that may not be predictable
    • Potential for exposure to blood borne pathogens and communicable diseases.
    • Potential for interaction with disruptive and/or unruly individuals. 
    • Duties may require operating and/or riding in a vehicle.
    • Duties may require traveling to meetings and work assignments.
    • Duties may require considerable telephone contact and paperwork. 
    • Duties may require working under time constraints to meet deadlines. 
    • Glenview Center follows a traditional “business” calendar, not a school calendar. 
    Performance Evaluation:
    Job performance is evaluated according to the policy provisions adopted by the board of education and contractual agreements.
    The board of education is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

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