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Openings as of 3/28/2020

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Openings as of 3/28/2020

  • K-8 School Principal (2020-2021 School Year) JobID: 218
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      New Foundations Charter School Elementary School

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    Employment Details 


    Title: K-8(Elementary and Middle) School Principal 
    Reports To: Chief Executive Officer
    Commitment: Full-Time
    Term: 12 months, 2020-2021 School Year 


    Our Mission and Vision 

    The mission of the New Foundations Charter School is to provide students with the academic, social, and emotional foundations and skills necessary to become high-achieving, socially competent stewards of their communities. The teachers and staff of New Foundations Charter School will ensure a commitment to lifelong learning and achievement of all of our students by creating an atmosphere of caring that pervades every aspect of school life and promotes responsibility for all members of our school community.

    With the transition to new CEO leadership in 2018, the school embarked on a strategic planning process to craft a vision for its future.  That Vision for Impact is that by June 2025, New Foundations provides daily opportunities for all students to engage in rigorous academic preparation, integrated and well-rounded character development, and inclusive and expansive specials and extracurricular activities that prepare them for individualized post-secondary success.  

    Our Students 

    As an open enrollment public charter school, we seek to prepare each student for the college, career and service opportunity of their choice. New Foundations Charter School currently educates 1,500 students across a K-8 & High School campus in Northeast Philadelphia. 

    New Foundations has a highly diverse and representative student/family population: 57% White, 22% Black, 13% Latino, 5% Asian and 3% Mixed Races & Other; 40% Free Lunch, 30% Reduced-Price Lunch, 30% Paid Lunch.  The political and ideological diversity of our student and family body is representative of the United States as a whole. 

    Our Buildings 

    The K-8 and High School buildings are located within walking distance of each other in the Holmesburg neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Both buildings include recent renovations and are well-maintained to provide a positive learning environment for students and staff.  

    Building highlights include bright and spacious classrooms, technology-enabled classrooms, science labs, gymnasiums with full size basketball courts, cafeterias and learning commons.  The buildings are near major roadways with on-site parking for staff and within walking distance from the SEPTA Regional Rail Suburban station with trains to Center City. 

    Our Community 

    New Foundations opened in 2000 and has had a strong, positive presence in its Northeast neighborhood of Philadelphia throughout the past 20 years.  New Foundations is highly-regarded on various academic performance measures compared with other Philadelphia charter and district schools and we have an admissions wait-list of over 7,000 students.

    About the Position 

    A New Foundations Principal’s primary role is to be an extraordinary instructional leader--actively, effectively and continuously coaching and guiding teachers and school staff in service of our mission and vision for future impact.  To this end, the Principal has three core responsibilities:

    1. ensuring a caring school culture for and among students;
    2. leading effective, productive and joyful instruction in every classroom for every student; 
    3. promoting an optimal staff and community experience for all campus stakeholders.


    The K-8 School Principal is expected to:
    • Have a track record of success as a teacher and instructional leader;
    • Embrace our mission and embody our vision for New Foundations’ future; 
    • Model our core values of being student-focused, serving our community and consistently engaging in solutions-oriented and caring conversations; 
    • Welcome the opportunity to be constantly challenged to grow, learn and improve;
    • Have a passion for improving teaching and learning through coaching teachers in both content and pedagogy;
    • Possess or be eligible for a PA principal certificate; 
    • Prior charter school experience preferred.

    • Ensure a mission- and vision-aligned, strong and healthy adult culture on the campus, one where our staff feel empowered, supported, knowledgeable and pushed to be their best selves at work.
    • Ensure that all students are provided with the social and emotional foundations and skills necessary to become socially competent stewards of their communities.
    • Ensure a pervasive campus atmosphere of caring that promotes among all students, attachment to and responsibility for all members of the school community.
    • Respond to major student behaviors and major patterns of student behaviors, striking the balance of holding students accountable, teaching students to do the right thing, restoring the culture of the school and maintaining relationships with students and families.
    • Ensure the school building is a visually engaging, curriculum-relevant, comfortable, and clean space, strongly messaging our care for students.
    • Clearly, professionally, timely and warmly communicate with all stakeholders, adapting the communication approach to each matter being communicated. 
    • Develop positive and mutually-respectful relationships with campus stakeholders—parents, community entities, vendors, etc. to support students and the campus academic and social teaching program.
    • Ensure that school operations (e.g. scheduling, state testing, enrollment, facilities, etc.) are effective, efficient and support a strong school adult and student culture and rigorous instruction.

    • Ensure that all students are provided with the academic foundations and skills necessary to become high achieving, socially competent stewards of their communities as measured by both proficiency and growth on identified external standardized assessments.
    • Coordinate the development and provision to faculty of rigorous, Pennsylvania standards-aligned, high-quality curricular materials.
    • Demonstrate a deep and thorough pedagogical knowledge and utilize it to both coach and provide detailed and specific feedback to faculty. 
    • Plan and execute effective and differentiated professional development for teachers and non-instructional campus staff. 
    • Implement a comprehensive and aligned observation, feedback, coaching and follow-up system designed to consistently improve teacher instructional practice.
    • Regularly collect and analyze data from multiple sources to track and communicate school performance, to inform instructional decision-making and to lead faculty data-driven analysis, reporting and decision-making, including a structured formative assessments system.
    • Design, communicate and supervise campus instruction-related procedures and routines to ensure effectively executed instruction and challenging and joyful learning, including long and short-term instructional planning, classroom set up and daily routines, and any common teaching, assessment and grading expectations.
    • Ensure appropriate, effective and differentiated supports for students with special needs.
    • Select, deploy, supervise, develop, evaluate and recommend renewal, non-renewal, promotion, termination and/or changes in compensation for all campus-based faculty and staff.

    Tone Setting
    • Model our core value of being student-focused by constantly engaging in student-focused conversations, particularly in challenging situations.
    • Model our core value of service by constantly going the extra mile, being ever-present in, at and around school and ubiquitously attending student and school events.
    • Model our core value of caring conversations by serving as a school-wide model for engaging in them with campus staff, colleagues, students, parents and other stakeholders.
    • Model our core value of having integrity-based, solutions-oriented conversations by serving as a school-wide model, engaging in them with campus staff, colleagues, students, parents and other stakeholders, particularly in challenging situations.
    • Articulate and effectively communicate a clear and compelling vision of excellence for the campus, one that is consistent with the New Foundations mission and vision.  
    • Inspire staff, students, families and others to believe in and reflect the campus’ and the school’s mission and vision, prompting trust and followership.
    • Plan, communicate and execute actions to systematically advance the campus towards its long-term vision while also addressing short- and medium-term needs and opportunities.
    • Select, coach, supervise, delegate to, evaluate and recommend employment renewal/non-renewal for all non-principal leaders who report to you.
    • Effectively and prudently manage assigned campus budget lines.
    • Model self-reflection and self-awareness, proactively seek and incorporate feedback, and consistently model positive and emotionally constant interactions with staff, students, parents and other stakeholders. 
    • Model and balance both professionalism and urgency, demonstrating high standards for both so that campus staff have an understanding of the ideal to mirror.

    • Do whatever else is necessary or requested to provide students with the academic, social, and emotional foundations and skills necessary to become high-achieving, socially competent stewards of their communities.

    Compensation and Benefits 

    New Foundations Charter School offers competitive salaries commensurate with experience and a comprehensive benefits package.  

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