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Openings as of 5/27/2019
Instructional - Virtual Learning

  • Distance Learning Teacher JobID: 30108
  • Position Type:
      Instructional - Virtual Learning

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
      I.N.V.E.S.T. High School

  • Date Available:
      August 27,2018

  • Closing Date:
      When Filled

      Hazel Park Schools - website

    Distance Learning Instructor 
    I.N.V.E.S.T. High School

    Hazel Park is seeking applicants for the position of Distance Learning Instructor, for the 2018-2019 school year. The district is served by caring and professional teaching and other staff who provide instruction and support to approximately 3,600 students.  The Hazel Park community is proud and supportive of its schools, the staff and student population.
    The successful candidate for this position will be an honest, approachable communicator, who is student-centered in his or her approach.

    Applicants must have a valid Secondary certificate

    Monitor classes
    Input SIRFS
    Assist students with sign-on if needed
    Assist students with lessons
    Assign finals as needed
    Unblock quizzes and tests, and evaluate reviews for student advancement
    Review and grade all written answers & essays and adjust grades as necessary
    Review student notes prior to taking tests and final
    Circulate at least every 20 minutes
    Check to make sure students are not looking up answers on the internet
    Make sure students are not on inappropriate sites
    Watch for cell phone use
    Make sure students are complying with all lab and school regulations
    Fill out discipline forms for violation of regulations
    See that all students have appropriate calculators and headphones as needed
    At the end of the day, be sure all computers and monitors are shut down 

    Make sure everyone has signed the sign-in sheet and do student count
    Input attendance to MI-Star daily
    Monitor student attendance, process drops when necessary
    Keep enrollment/deactivation information up to date in all platforms and on attendance books
    Monitor offsite usage
    Delete or disable dropped students from class 
    Record Keeping
    Maintain SIRF files (current, completed, dropped) by term
    Maintain attendance records by term
    Complete end of year deactivation on all platforms
    Maintain grade log binder for all completed classes 

    Attend webinars
    Attend platform trainings
    Attend meetings as needed 

    Other duties as assigned

    Compensation: Salary based on Unaffiliated Schedule 
    Post Date:         August 1, 2018
    Start Date:        August 27, 2018
    Reports To:      Principal

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