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Openings as of 12/10/2019
HR Pre-approved Applications

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      HR Pre-approved Applications

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    TERMS OF AGREEMENT:      By pre-arranged ageement between LEA and college/university
    REPORTS TO:                          Supervising teacher and principal and college/university site supervisor
    QUALIFICATIONS:                   Valid Pre-service Certification issued by GaPSC and all requirements of MOU/MOA
    EVALUATION:                          Performance of this job will be evaluated following guideline of the college/university and TKES.                            
    • Enable students to pursue their education as smoothly and completely as possible under the student teacher's instruction
    • Report to the principal or school secretary upon arrival at the school.
    • Maintain as fully as possible the established routines and procedures of the school and the classroom to which they are assigned.
    • Teach the lesson outlined and planned by teacher and/or in conjunctins with the supervising teacher.
    • Consult with appropriate administrator(s)/ supervising teacher(s) before changing any teaching or other procedures.
    • Assume responsibility for overseeing pupil behavior in class any teaching or other procedures.
    • Report in writing any pertinent information on the day’s activities at the conclusion of each teaching day.
    • Follow all policies, rules and procedures to which regular teachers are subject and which good teaching practice dictates.
    • Participate in training programs to increase skills and proficiency related to the supervisor.
    • Review current developments, literature, and technical source information related to job responsibilities.
    • Ensure adherence to good safety procedures.
    • Follow federal and state laws, as well as Board policies.
    •  Perform other duties as may be assigned.

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