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Openings as of 9/20/2019

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Openings as of 9/20/2019

  • Administrative Specialist - Data Systems and Accountability JobID: 2600
  • Position Type:
      Administration/Administrative Specialist

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
      Education Service Center Region 13 - 104

  • District:
      Education Service Center Region 13 - website
  •   Reports To: Project Coordinator: School Improvement & Accountability

    Salary: This is a twelve month (232 day) full time position with an annual salary of $62,962.

    Primary Purpose:
    • Serve as the lead contact for training for Eduphoria! and DMAC data systems to Region 13 school districts, Region 13 employees, and additional stakeholders across the state
    • Provide training and support related to software for disaggregating and analyzing student, campus, and district performance
    • Design, develop, and deliver training and/or provide educational tools and resources pertaining to data analysis
    • Design, develop, and deliver training and/or provide educational tools and resources pertaining to accountability
    • Provide technical assistance to local school districts and campuses in the area of performance-based monitoring;
    • Coordinate efforts across the service center to ensure seamless service to clients around data systems and accountability

    • Master’s Degree required
    • Administrative certificate required

    • Minimum three (3) years’ experience in campus administration or district office administration
    • Working with state and federal accountability and assessment systems through school district, university, or state agency position(s) (preferred)
    • Minimum three (3) years working with eduphoria! and DMAC
    • Experience in coaching campus/district administrators
    • Experience with campus and district level systems
    • Analyzing state, regional, district, and campus performance data
    • Leadership qualities/competencies in facilitation of a group of campus and district leaders
    • Experience in working collaboratively with staff, clients, and external partners; shared decision making
    • Experience in developing content and delivering presentations based on adult learning strategies
    • Proficient use of technology for workplace productivity and presentations
    • Working with Tableau, SAS, SPSS, Schoolnet, or other student performance analysis tools
    • Working with TSDS PEIMS, TxEIS, Skyward, iTCCS, TEAMS, WebSmart, PowerSchool, eSchoolPLUS, or other related student information systems
    • Developing content and delivering presentations based on adult learning strategies
    • Collaboratively working with staff, clients, and external partners; shared decision making
    • Self-directed work, managing multiple projects, and meeting deadlines
    • Proficient use of technology for workplace productivity and presentations, including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

    Special Knowledge/Skills:
    • Policies, rules, and procedures related to state and federal accountability systems as well as Performance-based monitoring (PBM)
    • Familiarity with adult learning and the use of technology to address adult learning needs
    • Knowledge of consulting protocols for data analysis
    • Ability to analyze state, regional, district and campus data
    • Proficiency in facilitating campus and district leaders in the application of new learning
    • Proficiency in campus and district data collection, analysis of collected data, and communicating findings to campus and district leadership.
    • Proficiency in project and process management
    • Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) assessment
    • Ability to operate within a complex initiative, work under pressure, meet tight deadlines and manage projects
    • Excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to work as part of a high functioning team
    • Knowledge of professional development training
    • Proficiency in self-directed work, managing multiple projects, and meeting deadlines
    • Ability to one-on-one coach campus and district administrators towards continuous improvement
    • Planning, production and presentation of professional development and training materials
    • Organizational, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
    • Planning, production, and presentation of professional development and training materials
    • Ability to work one-on-one with teachers and administrators of various experience
    • Ability to organize institutes, conferences, and sessions for large numbers of participants
    • Ability to research and analyze technical problems in web-based systems and products supported

    • Serve as a member of ESC Region 13, displaying courtesy, tact, consideration and discretion in all interactions with other members of the educational community and with the public
    • Collaborative and actively participate with ESC Region 13 teams across divisions to provide data sets and analyses targeted at improving student performance and to meet the established goals and objectives of ESC Region 13 and TEA
    • Provide professional development and technical assistance to campus leaders, district leaders, and internal staff around accountability, data analysis, performance-based monitoring (PBM), and district student performance analysis tools
    • Work with customers to determine training needs and create a plan and schedule to satisfy those needs
    • Maintain professional development offerings in the regional electronic system (e-campus)
    • Obtain and maintain all Eduphoria and DMAC training certification;implement and monitor all Eduphoria and DMAC professional development expectations
    • Ensure other Region 13 staff are trained and mentored in the use of Eduphoria and DMAC features/modules, as necessary
    • Provide professional development and technical assistance in the state and federal accountability and state assessment systems
    • Provide technical support, materials, and dissemination of information through a variety of mediums including on-site visits, professional development sessions, webinars, video conferences, social media, email and phone
    • Conduct various webinars and online learning to both internal and external clients around accountability and data analysis
    • Manage multiple project completion while meeting mandated deadlines
    • Attend meetings regarding accountability, assist with the development of required reports, and when needed, attend state level meetings with TEA
    • Work closely with members of the School Improvement Team in order to provide services to low performing districts and campuses in regards to accountability and data analysis
    • Develop instructional products and services to support district data analysis
    • Maintain up-to-date entries in Region 13 databases for tracking and record keeping
    • Perform other duties as assigned

    The above statements are intended to describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not intended to represent an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills that may be required.

    Frequently asked questions:
    1. What are my opportunities for development and advancement at Region 13? We budget in professional development for you to learn new skills and stay current with the industry. This could include attending conferences and/or enrolling in online courses. New or advanced positions are generally added based on workload growth and statewide budget decisions.
    2. What types of benefits does Region 13 offer? Region 13 employees pay into Teacher Retirement System of Texas ( and social security. Aetna is our primary healthcare provider and we offer supplemental benefits for vision, dental, etc. We offset the cost of this healthcare with a substantial employer contribution. 
    3. How much time off does Region 13 offer? Region 13 is closed for about 25 days in observance of major holidays. Employees also receive 10 vacation days, 10 personal leave days, and 3 optional holidays. We are a 7am-6pm organization with an 8 hour work day within that timeframe, but we honor a healthy work-life balance. As workload fluctuates, you have the opportunity to take flex and telecommute days to accommodate that balance.

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