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Openings as of 9/20/2019

  • Copy Of Paraprofessional (Instructional) JobID: 2846
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      Paw Paw CUSD 271, Paw Paw, IL 61353

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      Paw Paw CUSD #271 - website



    Position Purpose




    To work with the classroom teacher to provide specialized services within the regular classroom
    and/or special education classroom.   To work closely with one or more handicapped pupils on a regular basis in an effort to provide
    them with the physical help and emotional support they need to gain as full a benefit  from the district’s special education program as possible.






    Essential Job Functions



    1.  Assist student(s) in classroom during independent work.
    2.  Assist student(s) in auditory memory activities and readiness.
    3.  Review classroom materials with student(s).
    4.  Available for unstructured activities such as: field trips, assemblies, recess, etc.
    5.  Assist where needed in daily activities.
    6.  Assist the student(s) to whom assigned in such physical tasks as putting on and taking off outerwear, moving from room to room, using the lavatory and so on.
    7.  Listen to the students(s) in recitation, reading, and other curriculum tasks, guiding and helping them but not teaching them.
    8.  Performs simple errands and tasks for student(s) such as sharpening pencils, carrying lunch trays etc.
    9.  Under supervision of the special education teacher, works with small groups of students to reinforce material initially introduced by the teacher.
    10.  Accompanies the student(s) to whom assigned when trips to the office or to the school nurse are necessary.
    11.  Establishes as fully as possible a supportive and sympathetic relationship with student(s) without fostering or encouraging intense emotional involvement.
    12.  Serves as a resource person, if and when requested, to the student personnel evaluation team conferring about one of the students to whom assigned.
    13.  Performs other duties as assigned by the teacher and/or principal.



    Additional Duties:


    -  Assist guidance, pupil services staff or building administration, as needed.


    -  Perform any other related duties as assigned.


    Note:   The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.




    Physical and Mental Demands, Work Hazards


    -  Works in standard office and school building environments.


    Note:   Also see the Summary of Physical, Sensory and Environmental Requirements Needed to Perform Essential Functions for this position.




    Qualifications Profile


    A paraprofessional certificate.
    Ability to relate well with children and adults.
    -  Prior experience working with special needs children desirable.


    Regionally competitive 
    12 sick days /2 personal per year
    9 month contract 


    FLSA Status:             Non-exempt







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