The Rose Academies, established in 1999, have graduated over 3,100 successful students. We are public charter high schools with 5 campuses located throughout Tucson.  We know our people are our advantage, so we’re seeking creative and talented people to join us in implementing the Rose Operating System for Education (R.O.S.E.®).

Our mission is to “Honor the Promise of Education” for ALL students by training students in the fundamental skills needed to graduate high school, expanding how students learn to think, and creating life opportunities for all graduates.

Our student population comes from all walks of life throughout the Tucson area:

·        ROSE students are predominantly low-income (82%)

·        ROSE students can be over-aged (53%) and under-credited (70%)

·        At ROSE, we serve a high percentage of special needs students (15%)

If you feel your background would complement our mission to Honor the Promise of Education and the R.O.S.E. system, consider one of the available positions posted below.


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