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Openings as of 10/22/2018

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Openings as of 10/22/2018
Career & Technical Education

  • Auto Body Instructor JobID: 479
  • Position Type:
      Career & Technical Education/Auto Body Instructor

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
      TBAISD Career-Tech Center

  • District:
      Traverse Bay Intermediate School District - website
    -    Valid State of Michigan Secondary Teaching Certificate 
    -    Valid or the ability to obtain the appropriate State of Michigan Vocational/Occupational Certificate 
    -    Major in an approved program related to the area of Occupational Endorsement 
    -    Two years relevant work experience in the area related to the Occupational Endorsement 
    -    Valid or the ability to obtain Michigan Motor Vehicle Mechanic certificate in Unitized Body Structural Repair and ASE Collision Repair Technician certification in Painting and Refinishing  
    -    Michigan Motor Vehicle Mechanic certificate in Collision-related Mechanical repair and additional ASE Collision Repair Technician certifications  
    -    Minimum of three years (3) successful teaching experience 
    -    Demonstrated success with student clubs and organizations such as Skills USA, MITES, etc. 
    -    Knowledge of academic integration within CTE programs
    -    Willingness to maintain program curriculum consistent with current technical, academic and related industry standards
    -    Written, oral and graphic communication skills
    -    Computer literacy
    -    Willingness to work with students of all ability ranges
    -    Desire to contribute as a team member within the school and community

    1.    Successfully develop the program curriculum based on technical, industry and academic standards.  
    2.    Plan appropriately and effectively for instruction including participating in PLCs and co-teaching with academic specialists.
    3.    Maintain a positive climate for teaching and learning.
    4.    Demonstrate appropriate classroom management.
    5.    Effectively and efficiently direct the student learning process.
    6.    Organize and maintain a business advisory board.
    7.    Maintain status as a ‘Highly Qualified Teacher’ under No Child Left Behind legislation and/or MDE/OCTE TRAC guidelines.
    8.    Organize instructional activities that complement and enhance the learning process including service of customer equipment and other community service projects.
    9.    Interact positively and appropriately with students, parents, and other staff members.
    10.    Monitor effectively student progress and instructional effectiveness including use of electronic grade book and web-based applications.
    11.    Maintain teacher certification and qualifications.
    12.    Attend professional development activities.
    13.    Actively participate as an academic goal team(s) member 
    14.    Successfully meet annual Program Standards for the Career-Tech Center
    15.    Adhere and follow all TBAISD policies and procedures.
    16.    Recommend students to the CTC Placement Department for employment and/or placement activities.
    17.    Cooperate with special education staff to ensure appropriate IEP implementation and student accommodations.  
    18.    Coordinate articulation agreements with two and four year universities.
    19.    Actively involve students in clubs and organizations. (MITES, Skills USA, etc…)
    20.    Develop and maintain a vision for the program.
    21.    Successful develop, monitor, and follow all issues pertaining to student liability.
    22.    Stay current with industry needs, trends, and relative issues.
    23.    Successfully market the program to local school districts.
    24.    Successfully maintain program budget.
    25.    Maintain professional license and remain active in the field.
    26.    Research and write grants pertaining to the program.
    27.    Other duties as assigned by CTC Administration.

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