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Openings as of 1/21/2019
Central Rivers Area Education Agency

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Openings as of 1/21/2019

  • Parent Educator Coordinator (Agency Wide/NW/NE Sectors) JobID: 48413
  • Position Type:
      Other/Central Office

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  • Location:
      Central Rivers AEA - Agency-wide

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  • Closing Date:
      Open until filled

      Central Rivers Area Education Agency - website
  •   Position begins the 2019-20 school year.
    f a Central Rivers AEA staff member has an interest in this position, a transfer request form (found in IV portal) must be filled out and sent to the Human Resources office between November 20 and November 30, 2018.

    (CRAEA Sector Map)

    Title: Parent-Educator Coordinator
    1. A parent of a child with special needs.
    2. Ability to handle information in a confidential manner.
    3. Ability to work flexible hours.
    4. Other specific qualifications as determined by the agency to respond to demographic needs.
    5. Such alternatives to the above as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.
    Skills and Abilities
    Excellent human relations, verbal and written communication skills. Excellent organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Ability to relate positively with staff and customers. Ability to produce results. Ability to establish and maintain a favorable working atmosphere. Knowledge of technology as it relates to productivity. Maintain confidentiality related to agency, district, employee, students, and family information. Demonstrated sensitivity and respect for diversity.
    Supervises: Parent Advisors/Volunteers
    Job Goal: To contribute to promoting, developing, and strengthening partnerships between parents, educators, and community agencies for the purpose of providing services for children birth to 21 with special needs. To contribute to increasing the capacity of families to address the educational needs of their child with disabilities. To contribute to parents and educators having access to the information, resources, and materials to assist families in making informed educational decisions regarding their child with disabilities. To direct the efficient operation of the Family-Educator Connection Program.
    Performance Responsibilities
    General responsibilities include cooperatively planning and carrying out activities designed to enhance understanding, cooperation, and coordination between parents and educators. This will involve a variety of programs to build positive relationships and familiarize groups with the educational needs of students with disabilities and the programs designed to meet those needs. This person works in close collaboration with the educator coordinator.
    1. Collaborate in development, dissemination, analysis of periodic needs assessment instruments to develop plans to meet the identified needs.
    2. Collaborate on the development, writing, of plans and grant applications for Family-Educator Connection activities and the subsequent reports.
    3. Implement and evaluate projects/activities as described in the Parent Educator Connection grant and other agency and Family Educator Connection projects.
    4. Be available to educators and parents for consultation and problem resolution activities (the parent coordinator is considered a neutral objective resource who is of assistance to both parties in an adversarial situation).
    5. Serve as a resource person to parents and educators.
    6. Maintain organized resource materials and methods for dissemination of information.
    7. Share responsibility for preparation and dissemination of appropriate newsletters and other publications for educators and parents.
    8. Collaboratively design and implement public information programs.
    9. Facilitates support groups or help to establish support groups as requested.
    10. Develop, provide, and evaluate training appropriate for parents, educators, and the community related to education and disabilities.
    11. Model collaboration with educators, parents, community partners.
    12. Facilitate Family-Educator Connection Regional Steering Committee meetings.
    13. Participate in regular meetings with the designated administrators to review FEC program needs, goals and objectives, short and long-range plans related to AEA and state initiatives and mandates.
    14. Serve on CRAEA work teams and committees as needed.
    15. Present to CRAEA staff and administrators as needed.
    16. Represent CRAEA at the state coordinator meetings for the Family-Educator Connection.
    17. Collaborate in the development of the Family-Educator Connection budget.
    18. Perform other duties as may be assigned.
    Physical, Mental and Visual Effort
    Continuous speaking, hearing, and visual effort. Frequent walking, sitting, standing, and reaching. Occasional climbing, kneeling, and transporting up to 50 pounds. High degree of concentration requiring continuous and often intense mental and visual attention. Numerous irregularities, complicated and complex tasks are involved.
    Working Conditions
    Work is primarily performed in an office setting. Occasionally exposed to dust, noise, odors, and other irritants. Stress associated with work pace and pressure. Work involves irregular hours and days. Travel required. Exposed to hazards of the road when driving.

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