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Openings as of 3/20/2018
Davenport Community Schools

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Openings as of 3/20/2018

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      Davenport Community Schools

    DCSD - Substitute

    School or Department

    Campus Security - Substitute as needed   

    Assignment Open



    Approx 8AM

    Start Time

    Approx 4PM 

    End Time


    Number of Hours/Day




    Grade Level


    New Assignment Date


    Reason for New Assignment: Substitute as needed


    Duties & Responsibilities:  (Essential Functions of Position, Major Responsibilities, Summary of Key Duties, Special Assignments, Relationships)

       Wage: -- $11.86/hr


       1.  Supervise the arrival and departure of students.

       2.  Supervise the lunchroom, hallways, restrooms, and classrooms as needed.

       3.  Supervise outside areas:  Parking lots and nearby businesses, removing students as needed.  Will also report imminent  

            safety concerns.

       4.  Escort students as needed.

       5.  Deescalate potential problems with students.

       6.  Appropriately restrain high school students who are in danger of hurting themselves or others.

       7.  Attend all professional development offerings pertaining to the position and report pertinent information to staff.

       8.  Serve as a member of the school security team.  Monitor and operate the school's security equipment.  Assist with updating the

            building crisis manual on an annual basis.

       9.  Maintain a positive working relationship with the staff.

       10. Be prompt to work and have excellent attendance.

       11. Communicate with Law Enforcement, parents and staff on security issues.

       12. Stay current on local gang issues and train staff in gang awareness.

       13. Oversee any crisis situation if a building administrator is not present.

       14. Provide written reports on school incidents, students' behavior matters, and safety/security issues.

       15. Other duties as assigned by the building administration.     .


    Physical Requirements of Position:  (HBV   Yes   No)

       Walking, running, bending, stooping, restraining

       Ability to lift 50lbs or more

    Special Qualification Desired:  (Personal Qualities, Education, Skills Needed, Experience, Etc.)

    1.  Experience working with high school students.

    2.  Experience working in the security field.

    3.  Prior training in CPI.

    4.  Understanding of and willingness to work with "at-risk" students.

    5.  Have a basic understanding of computer technology. 

    6.  Able to be mobile continuously during working hours.

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