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Openings as of 8/19/2018
Ballard CSD

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Openings as of 8/19/2018

  • Part-Time Curriculum Assistant JobID: 46815
  • Position Type:
      Secretarial/Clerk Specialist

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  • Location:
      District Administration

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      Ballard CSD - website
  •   Ballard District Office needs a part-time administrative curriculum assistant to work approximately 10.0 hours per week to provide assistance to the Director of Teaching and Learning.  

    1. High School Diploma (Required)
    2. Post-secondary training and experience in essential office, business/accounting, technical tasks, including using a variety of software programs (such as Microsoft Office and/or Google platforms) and online tools for communication and data management (Preferred).
    3. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

    JOB GOAL:  To assist and support the Department of Teaching & Learning with administrative, financial and other critical management functions to ensure the focus on improved student learning.

    1. Curriculum Materials: Orders, Processing and Inventory
    A. Prepare, process and review purchase orders and requisitions
    B. Submit order to companies
    C. Track order status and delivery
    D. Process and inventory materials as they arrive
    I. Stamp, label and code curriculum resources as they arrive
    II.Communicate with companies and publishers to reorder and to follow up with orders that are incomplete or incorrect
    III. Communicate delivery status to accounts receivable
    E. Facilitate delivery of materials to respective buildings
    F. Organize curriculum storage area at district office
    G. Track and maintain records for resource inventory at the buildings
    H. Track and monitor the ordering of consumables and lost/damaged items or texts in need of rebinding
    I. Assist in the sell-back and disposal of retired curriculum resources
    2. Budget
    A. Support the Curriculum Director in maintaining financial records for budgets
    I. Budget reconciliation
    II. Money and line item transfers
    III.. Keep track of teacher extra pay/substitute pay
    3. Conferences, Trainings and Professional Development
    A. Register and maintain records for memberships and professional publications/resources for Director of Teaching and Learning
    B. Register Director of Teaching and Learning, administrators and teachers for conferences and trainings
    C. Secure lodging
    D. Generate and process requisitions for reimbursements for food and travel
    E. Assist with scheduling, organization, and materials preparation for district-sponsored conferences and workshops
    4. Communications
    A. Type, prepare, and distribute meeting agendas and minutes for district committee work.
    B. Contact sales reps to schedule:
    I. Trainings
    II. Deliveries
    III. Requests for samples
    C. Work with  accounts payable regarding orders
    D. Maintains an office calendar. Keeps administrators/staff informed about scheduled events.
    E. Assembling materials, scheduling meetings, and typing proposals and publications of the curriculum and student services offices
    F. Duplicates, assembles, and processes newsletters and special mailings.
    5. Data and Reporting Systems
    A. Summarize data and test results and prepare reports and spreadsheets using a variety of software programs, including Excel and Infinite Campus
    6. Other Duties As Assigned

Postings current as of 8/19/2018 7:51:44 PM CST.

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