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Openings as of 1/19/2018
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Openings as of 1/19/2018

  • Secondary Office Assistant JobID: 36582
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      Boyden-Hull Jr. High/High School

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      Boyden-Hull CSD - website

    The Boyden-Hull Community School District is looking for a Secondary Office Assistant. This position is available for the 2017-2018 school year. 

    Performance Responsibilities
    Daily Duties:
    1.    Answer the telephone (2-lines), transfers calls to necessary parties, give messages to students and staff.
    2.    Welcome visitors and guests that arrive at the Principal’s Office and direct them to appropriate person or place and answer their questions.
    3.    Track attendance from teachers via the computer.  Give lunch account updates to cooks.  Record the students who are absent in daily attendance book.
    4.    Type a daily sheet listing students who are gone, the daily announcements and deficiency list.  E-mail daily sheet to staff and Board.
    5.    Do the Boyden-Hull Hotline message each day.
    6.    Do daily announcements if Mr. Pottebaum is gone.
    7.    Dispense medication, as needed when school nurse isn’t here; assist students with their needs – either illness or injury, in the nurse’s office when the nurse is absent and record reason of illness and medications dispensed.
    8.    Assist students with admit slips and record in daily attendance book.  If students are absent and school hasn’t been notified, call parents to verify their absence.
    9.    Record student attendance by period on JMC computer program.
    10.    Send attendance letters out when students reach 5, 8 or 9 absences in a period.  Also type detentions for students if they have 4 or more tardies a semester.
    11.    Monitor student detentions in the office before and after school.
    12.    Receipt all meal account money for students and staff and record in their individual account on JMC.  After the breakfast and lunch lines are completed, print out daily report from JMC.  Record information in the breakfast/lunch book.  Put low balance notices in student lockers and staff mailboxes when money is due in their accounts.


    Other Duties:
    1.    Make weekly breakfast/lunch deposits and at the end of the month.  Reconcile JMC program with deposits.  At the end of the month, also reconcile the breakfast and lunch fund for both schools with the Business Manager’s figures.  Assist Principal with a lunch verification to the State on the free and reduced applications.  At the end of the school year, refund money in each individual accounts for those students who are graduating or leaving the school district.
    2.    Type a weekly scoop sheet listing all the JH/HS activities for each day of the coming week, including daily menus.  Post and e-mail to staff and School Board.
    3.    File student information as necessary.
    4.    Design and print tickets for musical, swing show and school plays.
    5.    Type and tabulate ballots for homecoming and Student Council elections.
    6.    Type bus sign-out list for each JH/HS sport listing all participants.
    7.    Check if all physicals and insurance forms or waivers are in for athletes before they can participate in any sport.
    8.    Send out student midterms and record by grade how many go out.  
    9.    Set up parent-teacher conference information, send letters to parents listing schedule.
    10.    Assist with updating curriculum books.
    11.    Organize Driver’s Education schedule for the summer class.  Send letters and schedules to those attending and deposit all money.  Record when students pick up their certificates.
    12.    Send County Auditor a list of those that reach 18 September 30th and March 31st.
    13.    Organize Parent’s Night in volleyball and basketball – check with coaches if rosters are correct, send letters to parents, order corsages and type script.
    14.    Type up programs and necessary information for the Nighthawk track meet and also JH track meet.
    15.    Type and send several other items and forms necessary for our athletic and fine arts departments:  bus driving assignments for away athletic events, official assignments, state competitions, shuttle bus, and activity schedule.
    16.    At the end of each sport season, figure up Quarter GPA (total GPA of all participants for the sport) for academic achievement and send to State if the team qualified for certificate.  If qualified, type up certificate for each participant.  Also figure cum GPA for participating seniors in each sport for Siouxland Conference Athletic Academic Team.
    17.    Type up Student Bible - list of all JH/HS students by grade, class they are in each period /each semester, locker number, parents’ names, phone number and address. Send to staff via email.  Make copies for Principal and secretaries.
    18.    Type list of staff phone extensions and distribute to all staff.
    19.    Mail out transcripts to colleges upon request when Guidance Counselor isn’t at school.
    20.    Responsible every three years to ensure student transcript records are saved electronically (CD).  
    21.    Send student’s cum file to new school when transferring or leaving district upon request of new school or parent.
    22.    Yearly calendar – Principal and jr/sr high secretary do this:
             a.    Enter all information on computer program by date – 57 categories.  After all the info is entered, review with Principal to make sure all entries are correct.
             b.    Decide on cover design.
             c.    Print two calendars – one for public use and one for staff that includes all information.  Take calendar that goes to parents to NWAEA for printing.
             d.    Update calendar activities each month for monthly newsletter and also help other secretaries with mailing the fall newsletter.
    23.    Report Cards for JH/HS students:
             a.    Make sure all teachers have sent grades to office before printing the report cards.
             b.    Either Principal or jr/sr high secretary prints report cards.  Responsible to make copies for office and guidance use.  Disperse report cards to students via a class.
             c.    Type honor rolls and perfect attendance reports.  Send postcards to students who make the honor rolls after each quarter.
             d.    Type and send out ineligible letters out for JH/HS students.
             e.    Check to see that all incompletes are taken care of and correct on JMC program.
             f.    Each quarter and semester, print out discipline, perfect attendance, tardy and attendance reports for Principal.
             g.    Mail report cards to students at the end of the year if students don’t pick them up.
    24.    National Honor Society:  Assist and organize the process with the Principal.  Type up all certificates and send letters.
    25.    End of Year items:
             a.    Record on HS student’s transcripts all activities they were involved in.
             b.    Print final cum grade sticker and put on all JH/HS student transcripts.
             c.    Put Drivers Ed grade on transcripts of BH students.
             d.    Put coming year JH/HS student class requests for both semesters on JMC program.  This needs to be completed before the Principal can complete the Master Class Schedule.  
             e.    Determine students who were on top honor roll all 4 quarters and type certificates – attach to report cards.
             f.    Type certificates of those who had perfect attendance the entire school year – attach to report cards.
             g.    Compile and type JH award certificates for activities they participated in.  Attach a BH JH letter if student letters in the activity.  These are handed out in the JH Awards Assembly.
             h.    Order supplies needed for the coming year.
             i.    Organize and put together activity reports of all sponsors and print out.
             j.    Update all changes to JH/HS student handbook, type final copy and send to NWAEA for printing copies for students.
             k.    Help update “year-end” Principal’s Report
             l.    Type up Buildings and Grounds Report.
    26.    Beginning of School Year:
             a.    Assign JH lockers to incoming 7th grade students and HS lockers to 9th grade students.
             b.    Send letter to 7th grade students who qualify to be in accelerated math.
             c.    Run schedules for students.  Include fee sheet.
             d.    Change bulletin boards in hallways and Commons areas.  Principal assists with this.
             e.    Handle all registration items (School Nurse and Principal assist also).    Check to make sure all totals and money is correct on all fee sheets.  Enter money received for meal accounts into JMC for each student.  Turn over all monies to Business Office.  
             f.    Enter into JMC if student is a paying student, reduced status or a free status.
             g.    Send letters out to those who qualify for free/reduced meals.
             h.    Make changes on JMC when students make class changes.  Principal also assists with this.
             i.    Type several lists and info for Principal:  Sponsorship duties, SH Supervisions, Late Start, Extra-Duty Assignments.
             j.    Run class lists for teachers.
             k.    Do notice board outside when no student is available to help.
             l.    Assist in getting the first newsletter of the year out – done end of July or early part of August.
    27.    Graduation items:
             a.    Type list with full name of graduates to Jostens for their diplomas.
             b.    Check diplomas and covers to make sure all names are correct.
             c.    Assemble diplomas and put NHS sticker on diploma for those who are a member of NHS.
             d.    Organize and type up graduation program and send to NWAEA for printing.
             e.    Set up seating arrangement in gym for graduates and guests.
             f.    Type up certificates of top 10% of class and Presidential Academic Education Award.
             g.    Type up list for Superintendent to read at graduation.
    28.    Assist with contests held at BH like Jazz Band Contest or Large Group Music Contest.  Type and do the office work as needed.
    29.    Assist teachers with supplies and various requests as they need them.
    30.    Prepare new student registration packets and send request to previous school they attended for the student’s cum file. Also type new cum transcript card.
    31.    HS Secretary is the communication person to alert staff for the “Boyden-Hull Community School District Response Plan”.
    32.    Type other letters and faxes as needed for the Principal.


    Terms of Employment:
    Salary and work year as stated in the employee’s contract.


    The statements contained herein describe the scope of the responsibility and essential functions of this position, but should not be considered to be an all-inclusive listing of work requirements.  Individuals may perform other duties as assigned.  Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time unless restricted by negotiated contract.


    Any employee not covered by a negotiated contract agreement is an “at-will” employee.  Either the school district or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at will, with or without cause, so long as there is no violation of applicable federal or state law.  The school district can define the number of days notice required of a terminating employee.

    The Boyden-Hull Community School District is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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