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Openings as of 12/18/2017
Cedar Vally Catholic School System

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Openings as of 12/18/2017
Student Support Services

  • Preschool Associate JobID: 37097
  • Position Type:
      Student Support Services/Paraeducator/Bldg Aide

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
      Cedar Valley Catholic Schools

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  • District:
      Cedar Vally Catholic School System - website
  •   Cedar Valley Catholic Schools is looking to fill a 4 Year Old Preschool Associate position at Sacred Heart Elementart.  This position is 4 days per week, around 7 hours per day, 170 days per year.  
     Applicants may fill out the attached application, fill out an application through TeachIowa or mail in a resume to:
    CVCS HR 
    3231 W 9th St
    Waterloo, IA 50702

    EFFECTIVE DATE:  07/01/2016
    1. Support and foster the Christian uniqueness of the learning community.
    2. Use Gospel values as the basis for decision-making.
    3. Possess an ability to be flexible, adaptive, and cooperative.
    4. Is confidential about work-related matters.
    5. Demonstrate an aptitude for the work to be performed.
    6. Possess the organizational and technological skills required.
    7. Displays patience and understanding.
    *Associate – Minimum associates degree in Early Childhood for Iowa Department of Education state funded preschool program(s)
    1. Support and promote the philosophy of Catholic education and contribute to building a spirit of unity within the school and the Cedar Valley Catholic Schools System.
    2. Comply with rules and objectives of the school, Cedar Valley Catholic Schools, and the Archdiocese of Dubuque.
    3. Promote positive public relations with staff, parents, and the public in all daily contacts especially in telephone conversations and center visitations.
    4. Implement the daily program of developmental experiences for children and an enrichment program for school-age children.
    5. Observe the health of the children and report conditions needing attention to the classroom teacher or building administrator.
    6. Work cooperatively with children, parents, staff, and volunteers to insure a professional, competent program.
    7. Be flexible and willing to accept change.
    8. Possess a working knowledge of emergency procedures.
    9. Maintain a constant watch over children entrusted in his/her care and is aware of their location at all times.
    10. Communicate effectively with and shows respect for parents.
    11. Respect and maintain confidentiality of all information received in connection with work.
    12. Assist with general housekeeping in classrooms and other areas used by the program.
    13. Ensure proper care of the building, equipment, and supplies. Report damages, need for repairs and problems with the facility.
    14. Assist with attendance.
    15. Foresee safety of children to avoid accidents.
    16. Assist the teacher with routine duties involving students, including, but not limited to: assisting students individually or in small or large groups.
    17. Prepare materials for instruction, including but not limited to: worksheet, flashcards, charts, games, bulletin boards, art materials, transparencies, AV materials.
    18. Assist with clerical duties, including but not limited to: typing, duplicating, filing, checking papers, recording scores, compiling information for teacher reports.
    19. Work to establish and maintain a positive student and parent rapport.
    20. Help staff and school office when needed.
    21. Assist school volunteers.
    22. Provide coverage of classroom for a short period of time when needed.
    23. Attend unit meetings, conferences, in-services, and open houses as required by the building administrator.
    24. Assist with supervision as directed.
    25. Respect others and expect to be respected in the same manner.
    26. Treat students in a fair and consistent manner.
    27. Confer with teacher or appropriate person for problem solving, requests, and suggestions.
    28. Contribute to an effective and efficient school district.
    29. Perform other tasks determined by the classroom teacher or building administrator.

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