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Openings as of 12/11/2017
Central Rivers Area Education Agency

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Openings as of 12/11/2017
Student Support Services

  • Educational Assistant JobID: 36685
  • Position Type:
      Student Support Services/Paraeducator/Bldg Aide

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
      Central Rivers AEA - River Hills (Cedar Falls)

  • Date Available:

  • District:
      Central Rivers Area Education Agency - website
  •   If a Central Rivers AEA staff member has an interest in this position, a transfer request form must be completed and sent to the Human Resources office between November 22, 2017 & December 4, 2017.

    1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
    2. Evidence of mental and emotional maturity and stability.
    3. Demonstrate aptitude and/or experience in working with children or youth.
    4. Ability to receive and process instructions.
    5. Good communication skills.
    6. Such alternatives to above qualifications as the Board may find acceptable.
     Skills and Abilities
    Ability to develop and maintain professional relations as evidenced by ability to relate positively with staff, parents, students, and the community.  Verbal and written communication skills, including communicating a positive attitude.  Ability to function as a team member.  Ability to establish and maintain a favorable working and learning atmosphere.  Ability to demonstrate actions that support the agencies (AEA, LEAs, and other partners) and their missions. Maintain confidentiality related to agency, district, students, and family information. Demonstrated sensitivity and respect for diversity.
    Reports To: Principal, classroom teacher or other assigned professional staff.
    Supervises:  N/A
    Job Goal:  To work with students or provide other services under the direction, supervision, and control of professional staff to contribute to the overall program quality of the assigned classroom or service.  Enhance learning for all.
    Performance Responsibilities
    Duties of educational assistants vary depending on the specific nature of the classroom, program or student assignment.  Duties are assigned and supervised by professional staff.  The listing includes many of the duties customarily assigned to educational assistants.  Some duties may require lifting and positioning students using prescribed techniques or specific clerical skills.
    Employment Requirements
    1. Maintain appropriate, job related appearance, language and attitude.
    2. Maintain regular attendance and be punctual in following assigned schedules.
    3. Follow directions of supervising professional staff and maintain quality service to students.
    Assist Professional Staff in:
    1. Preparation or administration of classroom materials.
    2. Direct work with individual or groups of students.
    3. Work with individuals and/or classes of students to reinforce learning as assigned by the principal and supervised by the teacher.
    4. Assist assigned teachers with various tasks (e.g., supervision of students, materials preparation, etc.).
    5. Support behavior management activities.
    6. Assist in non-instructional duties including student mobility, bus/car loading, supervision of lunch, playground, rest room and hallways, support for other student activities.
    7. Personal care for students including feeding, hygiene and health needs.
    8. Complete reports and maintain records as required by law, agency policy and administrative requirements.
    9. Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities, and adhere with agency regulations and safety practices.
    10. Maintain strict confidentiality about any student’s instructional, behavioral, or performance activities.
    11. Provide clerical support appropriate to specific assignment.
    12. Maintain communication with the supervising certified staff and supervisor.
    13. Understand and support federal, state, and agency regulations and procedures.
    14. Communicate effectively and at appropriate levels for students.
    15. Demonstrate appropriate and flexible response to crisis situations.
    16. Perform other duties as may be assigned.
    Early Childhood Program Requirement: 
    1. Educational Assistants serving early childhood special education programs operated by AEA 267 have a requirement for employment different than educational assistants in other settings.In addition to performance responsibilities and qualifications listed above, the additional requirement is a child development associate credential or its equivalent
    (see Iowa Quality Preschool Standards 6.4)  AEA 267 paraeducator certification will be the   requirement.
    Physical, Mental and Visual Effort
    Continuous speaking, hearing, and visual effort. Frequent walking, sitting, standing, and reaching. Occasional climbing, kneeling, and transporting up to 50 lbs. High degree of concentration requiring continuous and often intense mental and visual attention. Numerous irregularities, complicated and complex tasks are involved.
    Working Conditions
    Work is performed in a school/office setting.  Frequently exposed to dust, noise, odors, and other irritants.  Stress associated with work pace and pressure.  Work may involve irregular hours and days.  Some travel is required.  Exposed to hazards of the road when driving.
    Terms of Employment:  Length of work year as established by the administration with Board approval.  Salary established by terms of the Master Contract.
    Evaluation:   Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board policy on Evaluation of Classified Personnel and administrative procedures for same.
    Approval Date: ______February, 2016______ 


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