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Openings as of 3/20/2018
Central Rivers Area Education Agency

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Openings as of 3/20/2018

  • 1.0 FTE Instructional Technology Consultant JobID: 37535
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      Central Rivers AEA - TBD

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      Open until filled

      Central Rivers Area Education Agency - website
  •   If a Central Rivers AEA staff member has an interest in this position, a transfer request form must be completed and sent to the Human Resources office between March 5, 2018 and March 13, 2018.

    Title: Instructional Technology Consultant
    1. MA degree with emphasis in technology integration.
    2. Teaching experience required including planning and delivery of adult Professional Learning.
    3. Experience in K-12 Technology Integration and Iowa Core Essential Skills and Concepts.
    4. Understanding of current and emerging Instructional Teaching Models (e.g. SAMR, TPACK)
    5. Understanding of the skills and application of Google Apps.  
    6. Such alternatives to the above qualifications, as may be appropriate and acceptable.
    Skills and Abilities:
    Ability to develop and maintain professional relations as evidenced by ability to relate positively with staff, parents, students, and the community. Verbal and written communication skills, including communicating a positive attitude, and ability to make presentations. Ability to function as a professional team member. Excellent organizational, analytical, and problem solving skills. Proven professional management skills such as planning, directing, organizing, and coordinating. Demonstrated ability to produce results through a completion of previous assignments. Demonstrated leadership skills and a desire to lead. Ability to establish and maintain a favorable working and learning atmosphere. Ability to demonstrate actions that support the agencies (AEA, LEAs, and other partners) and their missions. Knowledge of curriculum and instructional strategies, procedures and state and federal statutes. Knowledge of technology as it relates to education. Maintain confidentiality related to agency, district, students, and family information. Demonstrated sensitivity and respect for diversity.
    Reports To:  Regional Administrator
    Supervises: NA
    Job Goal: Assist LEAs and AEA staff in the implementation of digital technologies that support the Iowa Core Essential Concepts and Skills.
    Performance Responsibilities
    1. Provide consultation to LEAs regarding the selection of technologies that support curriculum, instruction, and/or assessment.
    2. Collaborate with AEA consultants in the coordination, organization, planning, implementation, delivery and ongoing support of districts implementing a 1:1 program.
    3. Stay abreast of current and emerging technology innovations and provide leadership in the implementation of those innovations to LEAs and transmit that knowledge in the most appropriate ways to AEA staff.
    4. Serve on AEA, LEA and committees, as required.
    5. Arrange and conduct workshops and classes for LEA and Agency personnel on technology applications and the integration technologies in education.
    6. Collaborate with other Agency staff to further the overall goals of the agency and/or AEA system.
    7. Attend and participate in state level technology meetings and conferences.
    8. Plan, lead, support, and help evaluate agency technologies initiatives such as Ti12.
    9. Provide training and technical assistance for Agency staff regarding technology tools.
    10. Provide leadership in planning and delivering agency-wide professional development.
    11. Provide technical assistance and assist districts in professional development planning, implementation, and evaluation in effective technology integration.
    12. Provide expertise and technical assistance to Agency consultants and teams as they develop their skills regarding effective technology integration that aligns with their content area’s pedagogy.
    13. Model appropriate use of digital technologies for LEA and AEA staff.
    14. Provide leadership in the planning and delivery of regional technology conferences.
    15. Lead the planning, creation, support and maintenance of different forms of a web presence for the Agency regarding technology integration.
    16. Provide training in Google and other technologies used in K-12 education
    17. Provide input to the Digital Teaching and Learning Coordinator.
    18. Perform other duties as assigned.

    Physical, Mental and Visual Effort
    Continuous speaking, hearing, and visual effort. Frequent walking, sitting, standing, and reaching. Occasional climbing, kneeling, and transporting up to 50 lbs. High degree of concentration requiring continuous and often intense mental and visual attention. Numerous irregularities, complicated and complex tasks are involved.
    Working Conditions
    Work is primarily performed in an office setting. Occasionally exposed to dust, noise, odors, and other irritants. Stress associated with work pace and pressure. Work involves irregular hours and days. Travel required. Exposed to hazards of the road when driving.
    Terms of Employment:  Length of work year as established by the Administration with Board approval. Salary as determined by Master Contract/Administrative Guidelines for Certified/Licensed Staff provisions.
    Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the Administrative Guidelines for Certified/Licensed staff.
    Approval Date:  February, 2018

Postings current as of 3/20/2018 12:14:20 PM CST.

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