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Openings as of 3/19/2018
Norwalk Community School District

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Openings as of 3/19/2018

  • Substitute Custodian JobID: 216
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      District Wide

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      Norwalk Community School District

    JOB DESCRIPTION:  Maintaining the overall cleanliness and safety of the school facility including but not limited to vacuuming, dry mopping, wet mopping, sanitizing, and dusting. 




    1.      Ability to use chemicals, equipment, tools and work processes in cleaning and preventive maintenance of public facilities and grounds.


    2.      Ability to read and comprehend labels, signs and written instructions.


    3.      Ability to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing.


    4.      Ability to work independently.


    5.      Ability to establish positive relations with others.


    6.      Good health as confirmed by required physical exams.


    7.      Physical condition that allows for the lifting of 50 pounds, the periodic pushing or pulling of over 100 pounds, the ability to work off a ladder or scaffolding, the ability to complete repetitious movement and constant moving, standing or walking for 8 hours per day.


    8.      Ability to operate mechanical equipment including but not limited to waxing machines, auto scrubber, carpet cleaner, vacuum, custodial cart, lawn mower, snow blower, and weed trimmer.


    9.      Ability to use communication equipment including but not limited to telephone.


    10.  A past history of good attendance.




    1.      Dry mop and wet mop hard surface floors.


    2.      Vacuum and shampoo carpet.


    3.      Clean toilets and urinals and disinfect all restroom hardware.


    4.      Identifies unsafe conditions and corrects in a timely fashion.


    5.      Submit or complete work orders.


    6.      Request supplies from the Lead Custodian in a timely fashion.


    7.      Complete snow removal and applies ice melt in a timely fashion and as directed.


    8.      Prepare and clean facility rooms for meetings, programs and other activities.


    9.      Report all safety hazards.


    10.    Secures the facility as directed.


    11.    Participate as directed in all staff development training.


    12.    Be prepared to participate in cross training as a trainer or trainee.


    13.    Maintain a reliable attendance record.


    14.    Maintains custodial rooms in a safe, clean and organized fashion.


    15.    Perform other duties as assigned.



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