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Openings as of 7/16/2018
Norwalk Community School District

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Openings as of 7/16/2018

  • Substitute Bus Driver JobID: 213
  • Position Type:
      Transportation/Substitute Bus Driver

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
      Transportation Office

  • District:
      Norwalk Community School District

    Hours are NOT guaranteed.



    • High School Diploma or GED
    • Holds a current, valid Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with P (passenger), S (student) and air brakes endorsements
    • Holds a valid Iowa School Bus Driver Authorization Certificate issued by the State ofIowa
    • Able to pass State ofIowa DOTemployee physical examination requirements and pre-employment drug screening
    • Must have an acceptable driving record with in and out of the State ofIowa
    • Have a thorough knowledge of traffic laws and regulations
    • Previous passenger driving experience shall be consider but not a determining qualification
    • Ability to work with students, teachers, parents, and fellow employees



    Job Duties & Performance Responsibilities:

    • Conducts pre-trip inspections on the vehicle and records the inspection results
    • Reports all repair needs, malfunctioning equipment and vandalism to vehicle
    • Keeps bus in a clean and sanitary condition
    • Obeys all traffic laws and safety conditions
    • Communicates in a positive manner with students, parents, transportation and school staff
    • Supervises riders and maintains discipline among passengers 
    • Reports incidents of misconduct to School Administration and follows District Policy in accordance with disciplinary action
    • Conducts and reports emergency evacuation drills when assigned
    • Attends all meetings as called by the Transportation Director or School Administration or makes arrangements for receiving information from the meeting if absent
    • Maintains a consistent time schedule for the assigned route and reports any changes to the Director of Transportation
    • Suggests changes in route or stops to the Transportation Director
    • Completes all required reports on time and in the manner prescribed
    • Performs all duties in accordance with all existing rules, regulations and school policies
    • Immediately reports all accidents and completes required accident forms
    • Able to respond to all emergency situations in accordance with District Policy
    • Reports dangerous situations at stop locations and other route hazards
    • Reports violators of the “School Bus Stop Arm Law” to Transportation Director or law authorities
    • Compliance with all drug and alcohol policy guidelines and testing
    • Knowledge and compliance with District Bus Driver Handbook and the District Classified Employee Handbook
    • Satisfactory compliance with all District and State mandatory trainings
    • Any other duties as assigned by the Transportation Director or School Administration



    Physical Demands: 

    • Requires the occasional lifting, carrying, pushing up to 25-100 pounds
    • Frequent walking bending, stooping and climbing
    • Must be able to climb steps
    • Be free of impairment of the use of a foot, leg, hand or arm, or other defects or limitations likely to interfere with the ability to safely control a vehicle
    • Must be able to sit up right in a vehicle driver position for several hours
    • Mandatory drug and alcohol testing
    • Must be able to meet all pre-employment physicals



    Work Environment:

    • Occasionally subject to extreme temperature and/or inclement weather conditions
    • Noisy and often distraction working conditions
    • Occasion exposure to fumes, bodily fluids, and emergency situations
    • Tobacco and alcohol free environment

Postings current as of 7/16/2018 1:31:21 AM CST.

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