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Openings as of 7/21/2018
Iowa City Community School District

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Openings as of 7/21/2018

  • Language Interpreter (All Languages) JobID: 1394
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      accepting year round

      Iowa City Community School District
  •    $25/hour
    Iowa City Community School District
    1. Fluency in more than one language.
    2. Ability to translate spoken communication to sign language for hearing impaired audiences (preferred)
    3. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the District may find appropriate and acceptable.
    REPORTS TO:  Director of Equity & Staffing  
    Responsible for listening to, understanding, and translating spoken or written statements from one language to another. Reproduce statement in another language for unique listening or reading audience in order to enhance student learning, promote the overall efficiency of the school system, and maximize the educational opportunities available to each child.        
    1. Facilitate effective communication between two parties that do not speak a similar language by converting one spoken or written language to another
    2. Attend conferences and meetings and act as official translator to mediate discussion
    3. Relay concepts and ideas between languages
    4. Covert written materials from one language into another, such as books, publications, or web pages.
    5. Edit and proofread text to accurately reflect language
    6. Other duties as assigned 
    Non-contract position. Interpreter positions are independent contractors and are not considered employees of the Iowa City Community School District. Work on an as needed basis in various assignments / buildings throughout the district.
    EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated periodically by the Director of Equity & Staffing.

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