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Openings as of 1/23/2018

  • DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT (Curriculum and Instruction) JobID: 575
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      Administration/Dir of School Improvement

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      Spencer Community School District
  •   The Spencer Community School District is seeking a professional administrator to lead our continuous school improvement efforts for the 2018-19 school year.  
    Consider Spencer!  The regional hub of Northwest Iowa as the largest community within a 100-mile radius, and centrally located within the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation, Spencer’s opportunities are endless.  No matter your age or passion, Spencer provides!  With bustling retail, thriving arts, numerous parks and miles of trails, there is much to offer existing residents as well as individuals and families searching to find a community with excellent quality of life experiences.
    Spencer Community School District is a cornerstone of the community.   Working together, the entire community provides a dynamic learning experience where students feel included, respected and valued.  Students are challenged to think independently, inquire creatively and advance intellectually to prepare them for their future.
    Spencer is filled with a contagious can-do attitude that spreads throughout the community, but don’t take our word for it!  Come and see for yourself why Spencer stands out from the crowd!
    Job Summary:
    The successful candidate will oversee and coordinate student services, instructional programs, curriculum development and alignment, school improvement initiatives, system reporting, data analysis, and professional staff development for the district.
    • Coordinates instructional programs to ensure alignment and articulation among buildings and grade levels
    • Monitors and supports district implementation of Iowa Professional Development Model
    • Develops and implements district career development plan through district school improvement committees and teams
    • Oversees professional development programs
    • Coordinates district curriculum revision processes
    • Oversees district compliance with and alignment of research-based instructional practices
    • Oversees district Talent and Gifted program
    • Provides assistance in the administration of special education services
    • Monitors consistency and effectiveness of district assessment procedures
    • Coordinates data collection, analysis, and reporting
    • Monitors district compliance with state and federal regulations related to all educational programs
    • Coordinates and aligns building initiatives with district-wide initiatives
    • Works with area education agency to access needed resources and support
    • Assists in evaluation of building-level administrators
    • Directs and monitors instructional resource budget as directed by the superintendent
    • Directs and monitors professional development budget
    • Establishes ad hoc committees and facilitates meetings to support ongoing school improvement efforts
    • Manages and facilitates meetings with district school improvement committees, teams, and task forces
    • Communicates with various stakeholder groups on district school improvement initiatives and curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices
    • Conducts staff evaluations as necessary
    • Supports and communicates with superintendent and other building or district administrators
    • Serves as Chief Executive Officer in the absence of the superintendent
    • Performs other tasks assigned by the superintendent,
    Essential Functions:
    • To ensure quality and equity of educational programs for all students
    • To promote growth in administrative leadership for the district
    • To align instructional programs, student services, and curriculum among buildings and levels
    • To work with district stakeholders to identify educational needs and priorities
    • To communicate district progress on student learning goals
    • To comply with all state and federal requirements for the district’s educational program
    • To provide meaningful professional development for all staff members
    • To assume the duties of the superintendent in his/her absence
    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • Communicates well with students, staff, administrators, parents, community, and Board of Education
    • Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships in order to work effectively with wide variety of individuals and groups
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Effective problem-solving skills
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Ability to see and articulate the big picture for the district
    • Current knowledge about best practices for curriculum, instruction, and assessment
    • Current knowledge about standards for administrators and teachers
    • Current knowledge about student support services
    • Comfortable in role as change agent for the district
    • Administrative Certification with Endorsement of Pre-K – 12
    • Prior administrative experience desired

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