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Openings as of 11/21/2018

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Openings as of 11/21/2018
Student Support Services

  • School Psychologist JobID: 47613
  • Position Type:
      Student Support Services/Psychologist

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
      Bettendorf, Clinton and/or Muscatine

  • Date Available:

  • District:
      Mississippi Bend AEA - website


    A. Education:  Specialist or Master’s Degree with a minimum of sixty (60) semester hours and including a practicum in the schools.
    B. Licensure: Meet Iowa licensure requirements.
    C. Experience: Experience in educational setting preferred.

    Essential Functions:

    Common to all Mississippi Bend AEA Licensed Employees
    All licensed Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency employees are expected to demonstrate through work actions, work products, and outcomes the following: 
    1. All Iowa Teaching Standards and Alternative AEA Criteria. (See page 3)
    2. Improved teaching and learning in schools/districts assigned resulting from programs and/or services provided.
    3. Continuous improvement of professional practice through collaborative teams and individual study.
    4. Effective design and/or delivery of professional development for Agency and LEA staff and administration.
    5. Successful problem solving in the prevention and resolution of conflicts.
    6. Use of data to inform and advance teaching and learning.
    7. An awareness, understanding,  and/or working knowledge of:
      1. Iowa Core
      2. Tiered Intervention Systems
      3. Iowa Professional Development Model
      4. Child Find process and procedures
      5. Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and Individual Education Plan (IEP)
    8. Service on committees, projects, leadership groups and other activities as determined by the Agency and their supervisor.
    9. Other duties as assigned.
    Common to all Special Education Licensed Employees
    1. Focus AEA services on three student-related Core Functions (including academic and behavioral issues):
      1. Child Find—Screening
      2. Child Find—Evaluation and Planning
      3. Support and/or implementation of IFSP/IEP Services
     2.    Provide systems level support for school improvement:
    1. Support procedural compliance.
    2. Improve student achievement through consultation and coaching with teachers, school leaders, and families.
    Specific Responsibilities – School Psychologist
    1. Use valid and reliable formal and informal assessment techniques across multiple areas (i.e., executive functioning, intellectual, behavior, mental health, and academic achievement.)
    2. Provide developmentally appropriate academic and mental health services (focused on individuals with IEPs), including academic and behavioral coaching, supporting the implementation of  classroom interventions and specially designed instruction.
    3. Support school crisis teams, use data based decision-making methods, and problem-solving strategies. Provide response and recovery to students/building/district crisis through consultation, collaboration, and direct services.

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