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Openings as of 12/12/2017
Student Support Services

  • General Education Associate 4.0 Hours Per Day JobID: 5063
  • Position Type:
      Student Support Services/Teacher Associates

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
      Ashland Ridge Elementary

  • Date Available:

  • Closing Date:
      12/03/2017- Internla

      Ankeny Community School District

    TITLE:                                               General Education Associate 4.0 Hours Per Day (9:40-1:40 M-F)
    Pay: $12.45 
    MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:             High school diploma
                                                          1.   Four-year degree 
                                                          2.   Two-year degree with experience


                                                                working with students in special


                                                          3.   Demonstrates proficiency in


                                                                communication skills.
    REPORTS TO:                                Principal, Assistant or Associate Principal,


                                                        or designated staff
    1.             Ability to work successfully with students individually or in


    2.             Ability to follow direction and assist other associates and


                    teaching staff in educating students with special needs. Assists 


                    staff individually, or in groups.
    3.             Understands the role of adapting instructional activities to assist


                    the students, and supports the student both cognitively and


                    physically in the classroom.
    4.             Attends required meetings, participates fully, and provides feedback about the education of students.
    5.             Understands and implements policies and procedures aligned with Ankeny's educational program.
    6.             Develops and maintains an effective level of communication with appropriate personnel maintains confidentiality and completes necessary paperwork or reports required in the program.
    7.            Maintains a continuing program of staff development and training. Implements the new techniques as required.
    8.            Follows the outlined protocol and Ankeny's policies and procedures.
    9.             Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent or Principal.
    10.         Regularly and routinely attends work.
    PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:        Bending, carrying, climbing, driving, lifting, pushing-pulling, reaching, sitting, standing, walking.
    WORKING CONDITIONS:              1.   Includes extremes of temperature and humidity.
                                                                2.   Hazards include stairs and communicable diseases.
    TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:          Wages and benefits to be established by the Board.
    EVALUATION:                                 Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of Board Policy on Evaluation of Classified Personnel.

    Approved by:________________________________________________    Date:__________________________
    Ankeny Community School District is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. It is the policy of the District to provide equal employment opportunity and not to illegally discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or marital status in its employment and personnel practices. The District will affirmatively recruit women and men, members of diverse racial/ethnic groups, and persons with disabilities for job categories where the representative groups are underrepresented.
    Smoking is prohibited on Ankeny Community School District property Description:


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