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Openings as of 7/11/2020

  • Bus Driver JobID: 387
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      Maintenance/Transportation/Bus Driver

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      District Wide

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      Pass Christian Public School District
    1.         Valid license to drive a school bus.
    2.         School additional health and age requirements as the Board may require.
    Transportation Supervisor and/ or Designee
    By providing safe and efficient transportation so that students may enjoy the fullest
    possible advantage from the district's curriculum and extracurricular program.
    751023 - Bus Driver - Responsible for transporting students on a school bus.
    Required Endorsement(s): None
    131037 - Special Education Transportation Services - Responsible for transporting
    students with disabilities who require specialized transportation services as a related
    service.  Includes private contracts and state agencies.
    Required Endorsement(s): None
    1.         Obeys all local and state traffic laws and Mississippi School Bus Transportation laws.
    2.         Observes all mandatory safety regulations for school buses.
    3.         Maintains discipline when students are on bus.
    4.         Reports undisciplined students to their proper authority.
    5.         Keeps assigned bus clean.
    6.         Keeps to assigned schedule.
    7.         Checks out bus before each operation for mechanical defects.
    8.         Notifies the proper authority in case of mechanical failure or lateness.
    9.         Discharges students only at authorized stops.
    10.       Exercises responsible leadership when on out-of-district school trips.
    11.       Transports only authorized students.
    12.       Reports all accidents and completes required reports.
    13.       Enforces regulations against smoking and eating on the bus.
    14.       Operate the bus in such a manner as to maintain a schedule to assure the safety
                of the pupils transported on the bus and to protect the bus from abuse.
    15.       Maintain all transportation records and reports as required.
    16.       The driver shall park his bus each day at the last school at which pupils unload, at a parking place designated by the assistant superintendent and it shall remain parked there until time to transport his pupils to their homes.  The bus shall not be moved during the day except for necessary service to the bus or for purposes specifically authorized by the assistant superintendent.  It shall be the duty of the principal of the school which the bus is parked to cooperate with the driver to protect the bus from abuse while it is parked there.
    17.       The driver shall not use the bus for his own personal transportation or convenience at any time.  It is a violation of state law for a driver to use a district owned bus for his personal transportation.
    18.       Each trip other than on the regular school route shall be made on written instruction from the superintendent as provided in the Rules and Regulations of the state school buses owned by school districts for the purpose of transporting children to and from school programs as authorized by House Bill No. 6 of the Laws of Mississippi, Extra-ordinary Session, 1953, and such trips shall not then be made unless the driver has with him on the bus the written instructions from the superintendent for the specific trip being made.  The superintendent shall authorize no extra trips except those specifically approved by the board and recorded in the official minutes of the board.  The board shall not authorize the use of a school bus for any service not authorized by the State Board of Education, or by law.
    19.       The driver shall park the bus at night and on weekends at a place designated by the superintendent and if this designated parking place is at the driver's home he shall be responsible for its safekeeping while it is parked there.  The driver shall permit no one except the substitute driver designated to drive his bus and the substitute driver shall be governed by the same laws, rules and regulations as the driver.
    20.       The driver shall enter into a contract with the board to faithfully perform his duties as driver as provided in these rules and regulations, and the regulations of the board on forms provided by the State Board of Education.  The board may require the driver to furnish a performance bond with a surety company on the form that such driver will faithfully carry out the provisions of said contract.
    21.       Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the Transportation Supervisor and/or Superintendent’s designee may assign from time to time.
     Salary, work day, and work year to be established by the Board of Trustees.
    Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of
    board policy on evaluation of support staff.


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