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Openings as of 11/13/2019

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Openings as of 11/13/2019
Student Support Services - Non Teaching

  • School Nurse - 2019-2020 School Year JobID: 3658
  • Position Type:
      Student Support Services - Non Teaching/School Nurse RN

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
      West Point HS

  • Closing Date:
      Until Filled

  •   Qualifications:   
    • Valid state license to practice as a registered nurse
    • Two years experience in public health, nursing, preferably in a school district.
    • Arizona State Education Department School Nurse Certification.
    • Current CPR certification.
    • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Governing Board may find appropriate and acceptable.
    To enhance the educational process by the modification or removal of health-related barriers to learning and by promotion of an optimal level of wellness.
    Performance Responsibilities:
    1. Implement school health services programs. Utilize established  nursing process to assess, Analyze, plan, implement, record and evaluate all nursing care.
      • Implement health office management and inventory control procedures.
      • Order equipment and supplies according to established procedures.
      • Establish and maintain accurate health records, including cumulative health records and emergency information for students and staff members.
      • Carry out prevention health services programs (e.g. immunizations), per applicable laws, health department recommendations and school district policies.
      • Assess and evaluate the health and developmental status of students through health examinations and health screenings.
      • Provide information to teachers and staff regarding observation for deviation from normal health and procedures for referring students to health office.
      • Provide information to teachers and coaches regarding health problems of particular students.
      • Carry out first aid and emergency care procedures as required.
      • Provide required identification, health evaluation, case management (including development of health component of the IEP and/or nursing care plan) and appropriate care for chronically ill or handicapped students.
      • Administer medications according to applicable laws and district policies.
      • Implement policies regarding communicable disease, infection and animal bites including: exclusion and readmission of students, tuberculosis and other testing procedures, classroom inspections, communication with parents, administration and government agencies as required.
      • Implement established procedures for other special situations (e.g., child abuse, substance abuse and pregnancy).
      • Provide appropriate referrals and assist student and family to obtain and accept further medical, dental or other care.  Follow-up on referrals as needed.
      • Provide appropriate health counseling and consultation for students, parents and staff.
      • Compile information required for evaluation of school health services programs.
    2. Carry out school health and safety activities.
      • Provide health and safety resources material for teachers
      • Prepare and/or distribute health information to students, staff and parents.
      • Utilize contacts with students as opportunities for providing health and safety information.
    3.  Assist other school personnel to establish safe and sanitary conditions in the schools.
      • Post emergency information and provide first aid supplies at appropriate locations as required.
      • Assist in identifying, reporting and following up on identified hazards. 
    4. Provide high quality school nursing/health services.
      • Participate in in-staff training activities
      • Assume responsibility for personal growth and development.
    5.  Carry out administrative duties related to the school health program.
      • Maintain comprehensive records and file required reports.
      • Carry out procedures for illness or injury related absences.
      • Promote the objectives, standards and health policies of the school health program.
      • Function as a contributing staff member and work effectively with school personnel.
      • Work with parents, health care providers and others for the improvement of health facilities and services for children. 
    6. Assist in the assessment and evaluation of current health and safety needs of students and Personnel and the effectiveness of the school health program in meeting those needs.
    Responsible to:           The School Nurse will be responsible to the local school principal or their designee.
    Term of Employment:  Nine-month contract.  Salary as determined by the Certified Initial Placement Salary Schedule (RN) or LPN Initial Placement Salary Schedule as approved by
                                       the Governing Board.
    Evaluation:                  Annual evaluation by the school principal or designee.

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