Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with Wake County Public Schools. Please click on the appropriate link below to start an application for employment. If your experience and qualifications match our needs, you may be contacted for further information and an interview.

Security Enhancement for all users: AppliTrack recently released a security enhancement that requires valid authentication for all links and forms. If you are accessing a form you will be required to be logged in to AppliTrack. If a form is sent to an applicant, user or employee with login credentials, they must provide those credentials to access the form. If the form is sent to an external email, or an employee without login credentials (for example: someone listed as a reference) then a temporary password will be created. This password will be communicated to the receipient of the form in a separate email. The form/reference form is only accessible after providing the generated password. The login page for the form will have an option to resend the email containing the password. 

The WCPSS employment application includes an applicant assessment tool called TeacherFit.  Applicants who apply for teaching positions or who resubmit applications for teaching positions will be required to complete the TeacherFit assessment. This requirement applies to both internal and external applicants. At this time, only teacher applications are impacted. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the TeacherFit assessment. The assessment is not timed, and it does not have to be completed in a single sitting.  Applicants can save their work and return to complete the assessment at a later time. You may only take the TeacherFit assessment once every 12 months. 

If you have already submitted an application through AppliTrack and wish to apply for another position use this process:

  1. Log in to your existing application.
  2. Apply to the new position(s) by placing a check in the box next to the job vacancy or desired position(s).
  3. Complete any additional information that may be required for the new position. You can determine if additional information is required by reviewing the confirmation page of your application for messages (this will be the last page).
  4. After completing the above steps, you must click the "FINISH AND SUBMIT" button in order for your new request to be seen by the hiring manager/principal.
Technology Tips for Success:
  1. Set your email settings to accept emails from mailbot@applitrack.com and any email including @applitrack.com or @wcpss.net. 
  2. Use a web browser other than Internet Explorer as certain functions are not available with Internet Explorer.
  3. This application uses javascript. Use a fully functional web browser with javascript enabled.  Make sure you do not have any software installed that would prevent javascript from running.

If you need technical assistance with your application, please use the Request Technical Help link at the bottom of this page, or email hrapplitrack@wcpss.net.  This email account is for technical support; the status of an application is as the applicant last left the application meaning it is either submitted or in process and not submitted. Contact schools/departments directly if you are seeking a status update regarding a particular job posting(s).


Current Employees

  • WCPSS permanent employees
    Substitutes are not considered permanent employees and should not complete the internal application.
  • Current Teacher Assistants applying for certified positions
    Transcripts, test scores and any other relevant professional documentation must be uploaded. Copies of these documents already contained in the current employee file can be uploaded by request at transcript-upload@wcpss.net.

When applying for a position(s) that includes additional areas of certification not currently on your NC teaching license, please upload a current transcript with the requisite coursework or test score reports if applicable.


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Need Help? Consult our "Frequently Asked Questions" document here.

For questions regarding application procedures, please contact Wake County Public Schools directly by emailing hrapplitrack@wcpss.net.

For technical questions regarding the AppliTrack system, please contact the AppliTrack help desk using the "Request Technical Help" link below.

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