Welcome to the Catholic Diocese of Peoria

Teaching in one of the Diocese of Peoria’s Catholic Schools is a rewarding experience for anyone who believes in the power of education and the strength of faith. We are not just committed to our students’ success, but also your professional and spiritual success. With a wide range of positions and school locations, we offer our teachers the flexibility and resources they need to succeed at our award-winning schools.

In joining our community of dedicated educators, we are seeking faith-filled teachers who wholeheartedly embrace the mission of nurturing both academic excellence and spiritual growth. As stewards of knowledge and discipleship, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the hearts and minds of our students. We believe that education extends beyond textbooks, and we are looking for individuals who are committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment rooted in the values of our faith. Your role as a teacher here is not just a job; it's a calling to inspire and guide the next generation, helping them develop a strong foundation of both knowledge and faith. If you are passionate about education, devoted to your faith, and ready to contribute to the growth of disciples within our vibrant community, we welcome you to explore the fulfilling opportunities awaiting you in our schools.


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