Thank you for choosing Flowing Wells! We are hiring teachers for the 2019-2020 school year. Regardless of your Arizona teaching certificate status, we encourage you to submit an application. The following list of openings will be updated daily.

Openings as of July 10, 2019:

Flowing Wells High School:
    ELD Teacher
    IEP Coordinator
   JROTC Instructor

Here are quotes from a teacher and a student as you consider which district to choose:

"I love the community of Flowing Wells. I have been a Flowing Wells student, teacher and now parent. I love how students come first in Flowing Wells and everyone is working together, supporting each other for the purpose of kids." - Jessica Howell, Hendricks Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher 

 "Thank you for going above and beyond to help your students. I will never forget the lessons you taught me. Thanks so much.” - Student

To see for yourself how awesome Flowing Wells is, check out our Instagram and Facebook @flowingwellsschools #gofdub

All applications will be retained in active status for one school year. If your qualifications meet our needs, we will contact you for further information and possible interview.

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Note: If you are paid on a time claims basis by Flowing Wells School District, please complete the application process color coded in blue (above).

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