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Hartford Public Schools (HPS) is a diverse community of over 21,000 students across 47 schools, including neighborhood, community, and magnet schools. HPS is committed to providing an exceptional academic public education geared towards equity and excellence for all students.
At Hartford Public Schools we are committed to ensuring every one of our students thrive and that each of our schools is high performing. Our vision at HPS is for students to transform their world, with a mission of inspiring and preparing all students to create their own success in and beyond school. Through innovation and ingenuity, Hartford Public Schools leads the way with opportunities for students to strive towards excellence.
Through our culturally responsive student-centered learning system, our students build deep, meaningful relationships with teachers, principals, counselors, coaches, and support staff. Hartford is a small, yet vibrant city that provides endless opportunities for our students. Embracing the community’s diversity ensures each student has a voice that is valued and elevated.


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