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Openings as of 5/24/2020

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Openings as of 5/24/2020

  • Substitute Teacher JobID: 203
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      Substitute/Substitute Teacher

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      Pennoyer School District 79


    Substitute Teachers - All grade levels K-8

    Educating the Minds of Tomorrow
    The substitute is a guest teacher and works to maintain a continuity of education and learning in the absence of the regular teacher. The effective substitute will:
    Have classroom practices show knowledge of content and skills relevant to the teacher's professional responsibilities. Provide structures that encourage effective self-disciplined students in all learning situations Incorporate a child's learning style, interest and motivational factors in a developmentally appropriate manner. Ensure that all students have opportunities to ask questions, contribute, and otherwise participate in class activities. Collaborate with appropriate resource people. Follow teacher's lesson plans. Seek help when needed
    Job Summary:
    • Creates a learning environment and structure which nurture self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline
    • Implements behavior management strategies that are fair and consistent
    • Acknowledges student learning accomplishments, on-task behaviors and appropriate conduct
    • Performs duties in accordance with Board of Education, administration and school policies
    • Is punctual and regular in attendance, duties and responsibilities
    • Accepts recommendations for change and implements new programs and policies in a positive, professional manner
    • Works cooperatively with colleagues and is willing to accept decisions of the group
    • Performs necessary clerical responsibilities
    • Solves professionally-related problems appropriately
    • Engages in reflective thinking on personal qualities and experiences related to effective teaching
    • Takes part in professionally related activities
    • Demonstrates an understanding of the cultures of the school and community
    • Communicates effectively with students, parents, colleagues and community
    • Establishes good rapport with students, parents, colleagues and community
    • Interacts with students, parents, colleagues and community in a mutually respectful manner
    • Expresses interest and enthusiasm for teaching and learning
    • Demonstrates empathy, fairness and consistency
    • Serves as a positive role model for students and colleagues
    • Demonstrates flexibility and cooperation
    • Demonstrates appropriate voice, diction and language usage
    • Demonstrates appropriate listening skills
    • Maintains a positive and pleasant attitude
    • Maintains a professional demeanor
    • Perform tasks and duties as assigned by administration & staff
    • Highly positive attitude with excellent work habits
    • Ability to work cooperatively and pleasantly with others
    • Highly professional language and demeanor
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to serve as a positive role model of good character for children
    • Interest in and enthusiasm for the position and education in general
    • Appreciation of cultural diversity
    • Ability to speak a foreign language preferred
    • Knowledge of computers and technology
    • Strong sense of creativity
    • Appropriate Illinois Teaching License Required
    • Must be "Highly Qualified" per NCLB Standards for long term substitute assignments
    Working Conditions:
    $125/day for regular day-to-day substitute work
    Long Term Rates for longer term assignments
    Application Procedure:
    Apply on line by completing the on line application and uploading support materials.
    Selection Procedure:
    The administrative and office staff will review on line applications and supporting materials and select individuals may be called in for interviews. Based upon need, substitutes will be added to the list. Substitutes are AT WILL employees.
    The Pennoyer School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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