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At Windham Public Schools, our mission is to provide all students equitable access to a high quality education and graduate students who are prepared to become productive members of society.  The school district and community hold a commitment to support cultural and linguistic diversity, deep student engagement, and the pursuit of lifelong learning.

We are a district of more than 800 education professionals serving 3,300 students.  Windham Public Schools is home to a nationally recognized Two-Way Dual Language Program, Compañeros, for students PreK-8, and we recently launched a One-Way Dual Language Program, Dos Ríos, for grades K-3.  Windham’s rich diversity of cultures and backgrounds of families and community members is a differentiating strength with more than 48% of our students speaking a second language at home.

Our school district has also received national distinction for the Windham Early College Opportunity (ECO) Program.  In partnership with industry partners and the local community college, Windham ECO students engage in college-level coursework that prepares students for careers in the thriving manufacturing industry.  The district also features a K-8 magnet STEM Academy.

Our vision is that every student, every day, in every classroom will be deeply engaged in their own learning, challenged by high expectations, supported by staff, family, and community, and will graduate with the competence and confidence needed for success.  We are Windham! Join our team.


We look forward to interviewing candidates whose qualifications meet the requirements for the positions applied.  To be considered for employment, complete and submit an application for an open position for which you deem yourself qualified.  We also offer the opportunity to submit your application to any of our pooled positions and if a positions become available for which you have expressed interest, we will review your qualifications and invite to you interview with our District.

If your qualifications are a match for any position for which you have applied, you will be notified by a WPS team member which may include an administrator’s assistant, automated system email or a Human Resources representative.  It is important that you keep your email address, telephone and/or cell phone number updated as you may be contacted by either of these methods.

This site is updated regularly and it is recommended that you check back often for open positions.  All applications will be retained in active status for one complete school year.

Thank you for choosing Windham Public Schools!


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