To establish a complete pre-employment file and to be considered for a vacancy in which you have interest, please complete and submit the online application. If your qualifications meet our needs, we will contact you for further information and a possible interview. Your completed and submitted online application is the legally binding document that will allow you to be considered for the vacancy in which you have interest.

You must select the 'submit' button and submit your application before 12:00 PM Central Standard Time on the closing date to be considered for the vacancy.

Supporting documentation may be uploaded such as a resume, cover letter or letters of recommendation, but these documents are not recognized as your online application. Un-submitted applications will not be reviewed by the district.

Your application will be retained in active status for one year so that when future vacancies are available, you may update your application and submit it toward those vacancies.

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We're here to help! For questions regarding position qualifications or application procedures, please contact Francis Tuttle Technology Center Human Resources directly at: jobs@francistuttle.edu

For technical questions regarding the AppliTrack system, please contact the AppliTrack help desk using the Request Technical Help link below.
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