Joining the Dorchester School District Two Family

Special Announcement:  2018 Educator Recruitment Fair Registration Information

As you register for the 2018 Recruitment Fair, please select Job Vacancy 362 :  DD2 Spring 2018 Job Fair.  Making this selection will ensure that you are registered for the fair and are in the applicant pool to receive a scheduled interview on the day of the fair.  If you have had an interview in the past 24 months, you may not need a second interview.  You still will need to register for the Fair and may want to consider updating your references (if they have changed).  For all Fair applicants, please remember to hit "SUBMIT" when you have completed your application.  Your application does not have to be submitted prior to the Fair, but we strongly encourage you to complete as much information as you have available.  If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Paula Belken at  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 24th at Summerville High school from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Year Round Employment Information
Thank you for your interest in Dorchester School District Two.  In Applitrak, you will apply as either an External or Internal Applicant.  Internal applicants are current full time certified employees, as well as teaching assistants, media assistants, nurses, secretaries,  technology employees, maintenance employees, and receptionists.  The External applicant selection is for applicants new to DD2 and for employees who work in food service, custodial services, extended day, or adult support/at-will capacities.

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a part of the Dorchester District Two family. 


Need Help?

We're here to help! For questions regarding position qualifications or application procedures, please contact Dorchester School District 2 directly.

For technical questions regarding the Applicant Tracking system, please contact the Applicant Tracking help desk using the Request Technical Help link below.
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